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How to Get the Pacifist Achievement in People Playground

How to Get the Pacifist Achievement in People Playground
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Poor, innocent ragdolls are waiting to be abused and destroyed in People Playground, a sandbox physics simulator where you get to shoot, crush, stab, and incinerate ragdolls with all sorts of contraptions. If you are feeling even just a tiny bit merciful, there is a special achievement in the game for sparing the ragdolls, so here is how to get the Pacifist achievement in People Playground.

Getting the “Pacifist” achievement in People Playground

Getting the Pacifist achievement in People Playground is quite simple, as you literally have to not kill any of the ragdolls for exactly one hour. Yes, you read that right—you have to open the game but not commit any acts of violence for an hour straight.

We know this is a tough feat to accomplish, with all those tools of pain and destruction waiting to be used at your disposal, but do not fret, as you can still blow inanimate objects up.

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All the things in the vehicle, machinery, and chemistry categories are all fun stuff to play with, and the best part? Nobody has to get hurt! Why not create a racetrack of sorts and see if any of the vehicles can drive along it? Or, you know, you could just drop bombs on them. Anything can go, as long as you do not hurt any ragdolls.

The machinery category has a lot of advanced electronic components you could try messing with. Try building the foundation for a factory using the transformers, detectors, and generators, then try automating it so that everything runs on its own.

If you really just care about the achievement and nothing else, you can open People Playground, start a new game, then just minimize it and do something else. When you see the achievement pop, you can start playing normally again, you monster you.

Please note that some achievements in People Playground are possibly bugged at the moment. If you do not notice the Pacifist achievement pop after an hour, try restarting the game and letting it sit for another hour.

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How to Get the Pacifist Achievement in People Playground