How to Get All Achievements in Solar Smash


There are various achievements in the game, and the players want to get them all (though it is not a must for the players to get all of them). Some of them are easy to complete, and others are pretty challenging. 

If you are one of these players, we have great news! We have created a guide fully covering this topic. Keep reading to be in the loop!

Getting All Achievements in Solar Smash

Check the achievements in Solar Smash and the ways of getting them:

  • The first achievement we would like to highlight is Planet Smasher, which is achieved by destroying a planet. 
  • The second achievement is called the Weapons Master. To get it, please fire 100,000 weapons to gain Weapons Master IV.
  • The third one is the Shield Is Down! We recommend shutting down the shield on Machine World permanently to get it. 
  • The Artist achievement requires you to select from any weapons on the Missile or UFO tab. After that, you will need to hit the Gear Icon to customize your weapon’s appearance. 
  • To get the achievement Sunburnt, please play the System Smash game mode. You will be able to do it if you collide a planet with the Sun or vice versa. 
  • Rogue Star achievement also required the System Smash game mode to be chosen. You will need to use the trajectory button. We recommend slingshotting the Sun in a direction to the best of your ability until it leaves your screen’s borders.
  • Last but not least is the Starlight achievement completed in the System Smash game mode. So, please position a Black Hole beside the Sun. Then please wait for it to suck all the Sun’s heat and energy. Then it should cause a Supernova that destroys the entire solar system.

Now you know the achievements in Solar Smash and how to get them. Have fun playing!

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How to Get All Achievements in Solar Smash


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