Activision has launched their own town rebuilding game with Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale, a game very similar in concept with Family Guy: Quest for Stuff or The Simpsons: Tapped Out, to mention a few. In other words, you’ll have a lot of houses and structures to build and even more items to craft in order to bring back Snoopy’s town back to life and have it thrive as it always was. And since this is a rather difficult quest, I am here to share with you some Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale cheats and tips to do it faster and get the most out of the game.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out our Snoopy’s Town tips and cheats below – aimed mostly at beginners, but hopefully everybody will be able to get something out of our strategy guide.

1. It’s all about crafting
Really, the game is all about crafting. All progress you can make in the game is the direct result of some sort of crafting, so you should make sure that, well… you keep on crafting stuff! Focus your crafting in this order: quest requirements first, expansion of the city or the inventory second and Want Ads third. Usually, if there are no specific crafting requirements, you can simply craft whatever you have – eventually, you will have enough for the Want Ads and get more coins. So really, make sure that you’re always crafting something!

2. Multiple items crafted at the same time
The good news about Snoopy’s Town is that you don’t have to wait an item to be ready before you start crafting another. You can’t queue multiple items, that’s true, but at least you can queue different items at the same time – make sure that you always do that, focusing on the more complex items first (those requiring more materials) and then the others.

3. Make a ton of coins with the Want Ads
The Want Ads are the easiest way to make a lot of money in the game. Check out the requirements and craft the items that are asked for to make some quick coins. If you don’t like a particular order (or all of them), you can easily tap the X button and wait a few minutes to get a new one. Usually, this should be done when you have some silly requirements of a ton of high level items. Otherwise, it’s better to work on getting the items required than to refuse the orders. Also keep an eye on the Want Ads as you will get Special Delivery requirements every now and then which will reward you with a lot of goodies if you manage to complete them in time.

4. Go for sure with the Baseball Field
It’s best to try for the trophy in the Baseball Field when you have all the five characters available. It requires 30 minutes to complete, but your chances of actually getting the trophy increase. And since you’re blocking your characters and they can’t do anything else during this time, it’s best to go for the best possible chances you can get. But have in mind that even if you fail to get the trophy, you still get the indicated number of stars and coins, so if you don’t really need any particular items before leaving the game, you can send any free characters that you have on the Baseball Field.

5. Log in often
This is not a game to spend much time logged in, playing, but one where it would be perfect if you could log in and play for a few minutes every hour or so. So do your best to remember and log in as often as possible: you will collect new items, start crafting a new set and instruct your characters to perform actions for some extra items. That’s what this game is all about!

6. Try to plan your moves ahead
A bit of strategy goes a long way in this game: try to know what kind of items are crafted or produced by each character or building and try to strategize a bit and focus on one thing at a time. Let’s say that you want to unlock a new area, or maybe you want to upgrade your inventory. Focus on that first with all the involved characters and afterwards move on to something else. But if still have free crafting options or characters after you start working on the required items, have them produce something as well. A good idea is to go for long time items when you know you won’t be able to log back in for quite a while, and shorter timed items otherwise.

In other words, if you are active and log in often enough, you will thrive in Peanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale. But if you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow players, you can let us know by commenting below!


    • You need free characters (characters that are not currently doing it) to be able to start it, after you unlock the building. So make sure that you have at least 1 free character that’s not doing anything else to be able to start playing baseball.

    • Why does no one ever respond to people’s questions here? And once you find out how to do what your question was, why not come back and update to share that? Is there a better forum where players actually help each other?

  1. I’ve been playing this game now for a few weeks. All of a sudden one of the houses will not move. I can continue to receive coins from it. However I can’t get the icon to move it or even turn the house. Any ideas how to make it happen?? Thanks.

  2. I am stuck, where can I make the red and white flower garland? Can I only get the picture frame if I have all 5 characters go ice skating, if so that means actually purchasing, with real money, a pile of game dollars to be able get get Belle. Thanks

  3. You can go ice skating with less than all of the characters. I had to go ice skating three times to receive the frame with less characters as with less there is a lower chance of receiving a frame. Also to get the red and white flower garland you need to unlock the third area to be able to make these and you need at least one red flower bed to get the red flowers. I have reached level 19 without buying anything with real money. I recommend more than one bakery and more than one bookstore and more than one grocery store (this has worked for me) I also recommend more than one red flower bed too. Having these extra buildings and beds have cost money initially but I find that the resources given back really help for making items quicker for both quests and coins.

  4. Hi can someone please tell me where to get the item that shows Snoopy and Charlie Brown in a framed picture. It doesn’t tell you where to get it and I have looked everywhere I can think of.

  5. Framed memories you can get from the skating scene.

    Both this and the Christmas scene work better if you unlock Belle, she also can make red flowers.

    I earned enough for her by clicking the free ads for many days.

  6. GINA IT IS THE LITTLE SMOKE CABIN BESIDE THE ICE SKATING RINK. I am a snoopy fan and am highly addicted to this game but i don’t wanna spend a dime either. can I also play the school scene with a book bag without pigpen to obtain the glasses sot unlock the scene.

    • You can earn a couple dollars by completing the “Special Order” under the Want Ads. You have to sell all three sets of items to complete the Special Order, and you are given a limited amount of time (I think 5 hours) to do this. These pop up a couple times a day. Also, I believe you can earn a dollar or two once a week through the daily bonuses. It’s not a lot, but if you watch the videos everyday and complete as many Soecial Orders as you can, the dollars will add up over time.

  7. HELP. I love this game. Everything was going great until the Valentine update appeared. First my dollars disappeared and reappeared. Then when I tried to open the game, the screen would load and then shut down in less than a second. AAAAAAAAA. I tried powering off etc. Nothing helped. So I deleted the game and started over. All good till the next day. I deleted again! Please tell me how to fix this problem.

  8. I too am having issues after the Valentine update. This stinks since I have already invested real dollars in the game…I hope it is fixed soon!

  9. Found a trick for the nonstop crashing! Try swiping across the screen very quickly and multiple times as soon as your town starts to appear. Somehow, moving the view of the town unlocks the glitch that keeps the town from loading.

  10. How do I collect the wooden branch? I placed the kite eating tree, but when I tap on it, it just says, “This tree has a taste for kites. especially if they belong to Charlie Brown.”. I even bought a branch, but still can’t complete the Branching Out PT 2 quest.

  11. Hi,I have trouble with the quest…what does it mean that some quest are locked but available until chapter two?…I made some quest and some says locked available until x level…right? But what does it mean chapter two? Thank you

  12. Hi! I am stuck! I must sell an old kite, and I have already get it from the tree but when go to the ads and click sell, it says “Have Charlie Brown perform an animation to get this item” … what am I supposed to do? HELP!! Thanks!

  13. Its a great game, very nostalgic as I loved and still love Peanuts as a child. Beware though of a bug or something on level 15 where Charlie and Peppermint Patty go in a tree house for 8 odd hours. They seemed to be there ages, then nowhere to cliuck where the green tick shows up to say they’ve finished their task. When I clicked on the task for Marcie to play marbles with Peppermint, it took me to near the city theatre and the indicator panel with how much time they have left f!lashed up on and off.

    I couldn’t retrieve Charlie or Peppermint at all, I tried rebooting and clearing cache/memory but lost all progress, I was on level 15 and was so peed off as I’d worked hard and spent money, so now have restarted the game this time signing into FB with it in case the same or similar thing happens and at least can retrieve game play.

  14. I keep having items show up on the want board for items that are to be crafted at the Easter bunny hole. Does anyone know where that is? I am on chaperone 2 and have searched everywhere?

  15. Hope in the world to I let spike get out of the box (Snoopy quest)? Do I have to purchase Spikes Agency first? Or am I stuck with this quest forever?

  16. How do i upgrade inventory? I can’t figure out how to make snoopy do the animation to get the items needed and even though i have the cash, it keeps kicking me out.

  17. Where is the football field? I just spent $80.00 cash to get the athletic field and it is not a football field. I can not find a football field!!!!!!!

    • dana,
      you have too go into the supplie in the market and scrool through the stors till you find the hardware store and it will have a shiny square thing thats silver

  18. Is there a way to move important places like the baseball rink or the valentine’s rink? I would like to move them, because I put them in a hurry and now my city looks terrible.

  19. HELP!! Where is the log cabin? Apparently I need it to make blue paint, which I could do just a few weeks ago (I thought cause I had to buy the blue flowers) in craft building 5 but the option isn’t there anymore and the game is telling me I need the log cabin to get the blue paint but it’s not on the board and it’s not available to purchase??

  20. Is there any other way to have Woodstock? I can’t afford the nest so every stuff that requires Woodstock’s activity makes me stuck on it. Especially the quest

    • I thought they are the same person? I do need Patty too but I have a lot of other stuff to do so I don’t know how to find her. I hope someone can help us.

  21. Wondering how I get Peggy Jeane’s house while the house on summer pack items. I have to buy with a real money to get it. Should I buy with real money or wait the end of summer pack time? Thank you.

  22. Anybody know how to move things like the baseball field and the craft building. Poorly located…. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t move them where I want.

  23. full and it wants me to delete items to make rooom…eg I need more ballgloves to get a ball outfit…but I have 6 in my inventory ?.. what’s with that..and we should get paid for inventory. Am I doing something wrong?

  24. As part of Red Cross Beagle Part 2 I have an Obtain Flower Crown 0/2 item, but when I click GO it brings me to the Characters page of the Market but doesn’t lead me to anything that’ll give me the crown. Any ideas?

  25. What are the woodstocks on top of the screen for? The ones that keep on refilling up to 10 when you go on social? And then you have a count down on time?? Thanks!

    • The Woodstock counter is only available during Special Events. I asked this same question to the developers. It will go away when events end, but will re-appear at the next event and be at the same count as where you left off. Hope this helps.

  26. Is anyone with an Iphone having download problems? I have been playing for several weeks and all of a sudden on Mothers day it won’t open and this morning it is still having the same issue.


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