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Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide and Tier List

Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide and Tier List

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular every year. And therefore, every developer tries to create something new. For example, AISNO Games created an exciting RPG called Path To Nowhere. The game combines RPG genres with many different units and real-time Tower Defense. And in this guide, we will tell you about the Tier List of the best characters and how to Reroll them in Path To Nowhere.

Best Sinners in Path To Nowhere

In the world of Path To Nowhere, an apocalypse has occurred. Mysterious meteorites fell to the ground, infected and turn people into dangerous monsters. And to protect the remnants of humanity, you, as the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control, will have to use the most dangerous prisoners.

Each character has unique traits, abilities, and backstories. And by combining different characters on the battlefield, you can destroy waves of monsters. However, not all characters are equally powerful. That’s why we’ve created a Tier List of Path To Nowhere’s best characters.

Path To Nowhere Character Tier List

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SDemon, Eirenne, Hamel, Nox, Langley, Baiy
APricilla, Demolia, Crache, RoulLecca, Victoria, Hecate, Ariel, Zoya, Luvia Ray, Anne, Serpent, Labyrinth, Summer
BFlora, Kelvin, OliFer, Peggy, Tetra, EMP, Countless Chelsea, Wolverine, Kava Kava, Joan, Macchiato, Pacassi, Wendy, Che
CHoro, Chameleon, Hella, Ninety-Nine, KK, Iren, Sumire, Cinabar, Ignis, Fox, Dolly
DLisa, Pepper, Gekkabijin

How to Reroll in Path To Nowhere

Like in other Gacha RPGs, in Path To Nowhere, you get enough resources at the beginning to Roll your first characters. And even though the game has a Pity System, many players want to get their hands on the best characters at the very beginning. Luckily, there is a pretty simple way you can Reroll in Path To Nowhere. Just follow these simple steps:

  • At the beginning of the game, create an account using one of the suggested methods, such as Google or Facebook.
  • Reach chapter 1-5 and collect rewards from in-game mail.
  • Go to the Arrest section and use the obtained resources to Roll Gacha.
  • If you are not lucky enough to get the desired character, you can create a new account using another method. You can also delete an existing account to re-create it. However, this may take up to 15 working days.

That’s all you need to know about the best characters and Rerolling in Path To Nowhere. Follow our advice, and you will be able to get the best characters at the beginning of your adventure. And while you are here, take a look at our top 5 Nintendo Switch RPG Games.

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Path To Nowhere Reroll Guide and Tier List


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