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Palworld: How to Unlock Statue of Power Fast

Palworld: How to Unlock Statue of Power Fast
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Want to know how to unlock the Statue of Power quickly in Palworld? Then, we have just the right guide for you. Palworld has taken the internet by storm with its unique mix of Pokémon, Minecraft, and many other popular titles from different genres.

In Palworld, Players can discover Pokémon-like monsters called pals, put them to work in bases, explore an open world, and more. While building their base, players should focus on constructing a Statue of Power as soon as possible. But why exactly is that so? Palworld is all about catching pals, and the Statue of Power helps boost the odds of catching a pal.

As you level up and progress in Palworld, you will come across rare and powerful pals with a very low capture rate. For this reason, the Statue of Power should be one of your first build priorities. Here’s how to unlock and build the Statue of Power in Palworld.

Palworld: Statue of Power Guide

The Statue of Power is one of the many technologies in Palworld. There is a tree-like Technology system for unlocking new recipes for builds. Players can unlock new technologies by leveling up in Palworld. After reaching level 6 in Palworld, players can unlock the building recipe for the Statue of Power by spending Technology Points. Previously, the Statue of Power was one of the Ancient Technologies and required Ancient Technology Points, but now players can unlock it by using Technology Points.

Palworld Build Statue of Power
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To build a Statue of Power, you need 20 stones and 10 paldium fragments. Both of them are common resources found everywhere in Palworld. Players can pick up stones or mine large rocks to get stones. As for paldium fragments, the easiest way to obtain them is by mining paldium ores found next to water bodies such as rivers. After obtaining required items, go into Build mode and switch to Pal tab to find the Statue of Power.

Players can also come across a wild Statue of Power in the Palpagos Islands. There are four Statues of Power available in the world:

  • North of Marsh Island Church Ruins
  • North of Desolate Church
  • North of Sea Breeze Archipelago Church
  • East of Forgotten Island Church Ruins

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Palworld: How to Unlock Statue of Power Fast