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Palworld: How to Catch & Sell Humans | Tips & Guide

Palworld: How to Catch & Sell Humans | Tips & Guide
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In Palworld, the monsters roaming around Palpagos aren’t the only creatures you can capture! Humans are fair game here as well. But how hard are they to catch and how can you use them?

We have all of the answers right here! If you want to learn how to catch and sell humans in Palworld, this article will make you into a genuine headhunter. But if you’re planning on going people-hunting with friends, you might want to check out how to fix multiplayer errors in Palworld first! Otherwise, let’s jump right in.

How to Catch Humans in Palworld?

Wielding a Pal Sphere in Palworld.
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In Palworld, humans are, indeed, the most dangerous game. To catch a human, you need to engage them in combat first. Then, you need to lower the human’s health as much as possible without killing them. You can attempt to capture them with a Pal Sphere only once their health is sufficiently low. Trying to catch a human at full health will practically always result in failure.

Even if you whittle down the human’s health, there’s always a possibility that they’ll break free. In that case, you’ll need to weaken the human all over again and try to capture them in another Sphere. Note that, same as with capturing Pals, you’ll have better chances with a stronger Sphere.

How to Sell Humans in Palworld?

So, you managed to catch yourself a few humans. Now what? Well, you can certainly use them in battles or get them working on tasks in your base. But Palworld humans are much less resourceful and useful compared to their real-life counterparts! The best thing to do with them is likely to take them to the market.

Merchants in Palworld will gladly give you gold in exchange for captured humans. Whichever merchant you choose will accept the deal without problem. However, you can put an interesting twist on that equation: Capture the merchant! Then, you can drop them off at your base and save yourself the hassle of constantly fast-travelling back and forth to sell or buy!

That’s everything for our guide on how to catch and sell humans in Palworld. If you want more how-to’s or tips and tricks, you’ll find them in spades in our Game Guides section.

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Palworld: How to Catch & Sell Humans | Tips & Guide