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Palworld: How to Get Ancient Technology Points

Palworld: How to Get Ancient Technology Points
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As a survival game, Palworld features tons of resources for players to farm and collect. Out of all such resources, Ancient Technology Points are currently considered among the rarest and most important in Palworld.

As you progress, Palworld quickly becomes scientific, offering modern machinery and weaponry to help players explore and survive in the monster-filled Palpagos Islands. To unlock new technologies, you will need Technology Points, obtainable by simply playing and leveling up. However, this isn’t the case for Ancient Technology Points. Continue reading this guide to learn how to collect Ancient Technology Points and unlock Ancient Technologies in Palworld.

What are Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

When you first start playing Palworld, the game will prompt you to unlock technologies using Technology Points for upgrading your base. Similarly, Ancient Technology Points are used to unlock recipes for Ancient Technology. These rare recipes become unlockable only after reaching a certain level. For instance, the Egg Incubator becomes unlockable at level 7, which is used for hatching pal eggs.

How to Get Ancient Technology Points

Palworld Ancient Technology point
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Ancient Technology Points are among the rarest resources in Palworld, as they are locked behind bosses. In Palworld, players can find boss enemies in dungeons, Syndicate Towers, and Alpha Pals roaming in the wild. Each of these bosses drops Ancient Technology Points only once. For low-level players, this can be daunting, as these bosses are usually high level and can sometimes defeat your pal and you during the fight.

Among all bosses, Syndicate Towers are the best option for players hunting Ancient Technology Points. These tower bosses drop five Ancient Technology Points when defeated. While they do drop five of these rare items, defeating them isn’t an easy task. However, after leveling up and becoming stronger, players will be able to handle Syndicate Towers in Palworld.

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How to Use Ancient Technology Points

Palworld Ancient Technology
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To use Ancient Technology Points, go into your Inventory and switch to the Technology Tab. PC gamers can do so by pressing the Tab button. In Technology, scroll down to level 7 to find the first Ancient Technology on the far right side. Click on it and spend one Ancient Technology Point to unlock the recipe. Similarly, you can scroll down to find more Ancient Technologies.

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Palworld: How to Get Ancient Technology Points