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How to Get Rich & Make Gold Fast in Palworld | Tips & Guide

How to Get Rich & Make Gold Fast in Palworld | Tips & Guide
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Looking for ways to become rich and earn gold coins quickly in Palworld? Then, this guide has all the answers you are looking for.

The Pokémon-inspired game, Palworld, is breaking the internet. This open-world survival game feels like a mix of Pokémon and Minecraft, but with a sprinkle of similarities from various other titles such as Elden Ring, Rust, and Breath of the Wild.

Regardless of whether the game has plagiarism issues or not, it is entertaining and feels like a satisfying experience for gamers looking for a new survival game, especially Pokémon fans. Like most survival games, Palworld also has a currency system, which revolves around gold coins. With gold coins, players can buy various useful items and even rare pals from merchant NPCs. So, what are the best ways to get gold in Palworld? Let’s find out!

Best Ways to Make Gold Fast in Palworld

1) Selling Pals

Palworld selling pals
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Palworld is a game where everything revolves around nothing but pals. Players get food by defeating pals, farm materials using pals, ride and fly using pals, and so on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that pals are also the key to making gold and becoming rich in Palworld. There are some Pal Merchants who purchase and sell pals.

As there are pals roaming everywhere in this game, players can capture them and sell them to the merchants. Don’t worry about capturing rare pals, as even common pals like Lamball and Chikipi also fetch a good price. Players can find a Wandering Merchant and Pal merchant in the desert west of Grassy Behemoth Hills and another merchant duo on an island east of Marsh Island Church Ruins. Talk to the Pal Merchant and sell your unwanted pals to earn gold easily.

While unethical, players can also capture human NPCs and sell them in Palworld.

2) Raids

From time to time, human NPC enemies will raid your base to harm the pals living there. But don’t worry, these pals know how to fight and will be able to get rid of the enemies on their own, netting you a decent amount of gold. However, as you level up, the raid difficulty will increase, and you will have to coordinate with your pals to win raids. Developers have included many ways to counter raids in Palworld. Some players have been farming raids by going AFK at their base and using their strongest pals to fight NPC enemies.

3) Selling items

Palworld Wandering Merchant
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

In Palworld, you will find tons of items scattered all around the world. For example, players can chop down trees to collect wood and fiber, mine rocks to collect stone, ores, and paldium fragments, use a campfire to cook food, and so on. Just like Pal Merchants, there are also some Wandering Merchants who are interested in purchasing items. Players can sell their useless items to easily make some gold in Palworld.

Palworld is still a pretty new game. As the game progresses, players will definitely find more efficient ways to farm gold in this game.

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How to Get Rich & Make Gold Fast in Palworld | Tips & Guide