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Palia: Can You Romance Multiple Characters? Answered

Palia: Can You Romance Multiple Characters? Answered
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Palia is a cozy life simulation MMORPG where you meet a wide variety of friendly characters. You can engage in conversations with NPC villagers and send them gifts to improve your friendship with them. After learning about Palia‘s friendship system, many players were left wondering whether the game also includes a romance system. Fortunately, Palia features numerous characters open to romance, each with a unique personality. But can you romance multiple characters in Palia? Let’s find out!

Can you romance multiple characters in Palia?

Fishing with Einar
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Yes, you can! In Palia, you have the option to romance multiple characters simultaneously. As long as a character is a romanceable NPC, you can develop your friendship with them to eventually form a romantic relationship, unlocking new segments of their friendship questline. Since each character boasts a rich backstory, there’s no need to confine yourself to just one villager. You’re free to pursue relationships with all of them to uncover their individual stories.

Singularity 6, the developer of Palia, has confirmed that they “aren’t currently pursuing storylines involving jealousy or cheating.” This means you don’t have to worry about hurting the feelings of characters by engaging in romances with multiple individuals. However, be aware that some NPCs may develop positive or negative opinions of you based on the character you are dating—but this only occurs if you choose to reveal your relationships to them.

All romanceable characters in Palia

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There are nine romanceable characters within the world of Palia. In forthcoming updates, players can anticipate meeting new characters interested in pursuing relationships. For now, you can cultivate your friendships with the following characters and initiate romances in Palia:

  • Einer: The Fishing Master
  • Jina: The Archaeologist
  • Reth: The Chef
  • Hassain: The Hunter
  • Kenyatta: The Clerk
  • Tamala: The Alchemist
  • Jel: The Tailor
  • Tish: The Carpenter
  • Nai’o: The Farmer

To pursue romance with these characters, you need to first build up your friendship by presenting them with their favorite gifts and fulfilling their weekly desires. Once you’ve reached friendship level 3, you can give them either a Box of Chocolates or a Heartdrop Lily to unlock their romance questline.

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Palia: Can You Romance Multiple Characters? Answered