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How to Get and Use Emotes in Palia

With this guide, you can learn how to use emotes in Palia, as well as if there is a way to get more new emotes in the game.

In the cozy life sim MMORPG Palia, you play as a human teleported to a world filled with friendly elf-like villagers called Majiri. The gameplay involves building a wonderful home, socializing with the villagers, catching fish, cooking food, and doing all of this with your friends.

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As an MMORPG game, Palia supports emotes to help players express themselves better to others. In this guide, we discuss Palia‘s emote system and how you can use and unlock new emotes.

Palia emote guide: everything you need to know

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Emotes have been a part of many games through the years, and are now almost a must-have feature for any modern multiplayer title. Palia, however, doesn’t provide an exact quest or pop-up for emotes. That leaves many players unaware of how to use them. The answer is simple, though: to use emotes on PC, hold the T key to open the emote wheel, and use the cursor to select the desired emote.

By default, you have seven emotes equipped and ready to use in the emote wheel, but there are two others available in your inventory. You can rearrange the emotes by clicking the Edit button in the emote wheel window.

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How to obtain more emotes in Palia

At the time of writing this guide, there is no way to add new emotes to Palia. That means that for now, players have to rely on the free emotes provided to interact with other players.

Palia‘s developer, Singularity 6, has revealed their plans to add many monetized cosmetic items to the game in the future—which makes sense, since the sale of cosmetics is an integral part of Singularity 6’s business model for Palia. And since many players are already requesting new emotes, we can expect to see them in an upcoming update. These new emotes could be rewards from quests, events, or purchasable items in the shop.

If you are new to the game, make sure to check out our other helpful guides on Palia.

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How to Get and Use Emotes in Palia