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How to Complete the Spread the Word Quest in Palia

How to Complete the Spread the Word Quest in Palia
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Psst! Hey, kid! Wanna buy some forbidden Majiri objects? Then, come to Zeki’s shop, but the black market one—The Underground—for all the good stuff. And you can tell your friends about it as well! That is, more or less, the idea behind the Spread the Word quest in Palia.

However, not everyone in Kilima Village will be equally interested in the shady business dealings of our Grimalkin peddler. If you’re getting confused about how to complete the Spread the Word quest in Palia, you’ve come to the right place—we will help you finish this task in no time!

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How to Complete the Spread the Word Quest in Palia

Zeki the Shopkeeper in Palia
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To complete the Spread the Word quest in Palia, you will need to find three people in the settlement who are willing to take the flyers you got from Zeki. He is trying to promote his business, but your efforts may fall on deaf ears if you don’t know who to talk to.

You will distribute Zeki’s flyers by using the gift-giving option when talking with a specific villager, but you also have to be careful about not letting Eshe know about The Underground. Additionally, you should know that these flyers will count as your daily gifts, so you may want to aim for the villagers you’re not romantically involved with or don’t have Weekly Wants.

To cut to the chase—here’s a list of all the villagers who will accept Zeki’s flyer as a gift, allowing you to complete the quest:

  • Ashura
  • Auni
  • Caleri
  • Chayne
  • Einar (he doesn’t seem to be interested initially but takes still takes the flyer)
  • Elouisa
  • Hekla
  • Jel
  • Kenyatta
  • Nai’o (despite complaining about not being able to afford it, he accepted it regardless)
  • Najuma
  • Tamala

This list will help you cut down on the time required to complete the task. Once you gift all three flyers, go back to Zeki and receive 400 Gold and 20 Renown as the reward.

That’s all there is to know about finishing the Spread the Word quest in Palia! We hope you had fun with it, and if you run into some other challenging parts in this cozy life simulator, come back to our dedicated Palia section here on TouchTapPlay for more helpful guides!

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How to Complete the Spread the Word Quest in Palia