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Where to Find Heartdrop Lily in Palia

Where to Find Heartdrop Lily in Palia
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What’s romance without some flowers, right? And if you’re in Palia and the name of the flower is Heartdrop Lily, you know you’re onto something good! This MMO life simulator brings you all the good things that you may need from a cozy game: you get to farm and forage, fish, build your own house, then decorate it, prepare food, and so much more. Part of it all is romancing other villagers, and one of the best gifts you can give your sweetheart is the aptly-named Heartdrop Lily.

However, finding this flower is not going to be easy (romantic endeavors never are…). If you’re struggling to get it on your own, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we show you where to find Heartdrop Lily in Palia, so that you can progress the relationship with your crush as fast as possible!

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Heartdrop Lily location guide in Palia

To find Heartdrop Lily in Palia, you need to climb the cliffs north of the Statue Garden in Bahari Bay. It is not the most common of flowers, so you may need to explore that area quite extensively before you encounter some. You can also check out the map below for more assistance.

Heartdrop Lily location in Palia
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If you’ve already been to this area, you may have stumbled upon Heartdrop Lily by chance, so double-check that you don’t have some just lying around in your storage. I keep finding so many new items in Palia that turn out to be useful later on—the same happened to me with Old Coins from the Flooded Fortress.

Still, if you’re looking for this beautiful flower with the purpose of starting a romance with another villager upon reaching Friendship Level 4, go to the above-mentioned location and roam around a bit. Oh, one more thing: you can only find Heartdrop Lily at night. It’s more romantic that way anyway, if you think about it.

In case you’re having trouble finding this rare beauty, you can also try your luck at the Foraging Guild Store, which may have it in stock. It costs 20 Foraging Medals to buy it.

We wish you all the luck with finding Heartdrop Lily and your romantic conquest! And if you need more help in this beautiful world, check out more of our guides in the dedicated Palia section.

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Where to Find Heartdrop Lily in Palia