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Can You Play Palia on Mac?

Can you play Palia on Mac? Get all the answers in this straightforward guide.

Palia seems to be taking the gaming world by storm, and it’s not even officially released yet! This massively multiplayer online life simulator is currently in its open beta phase, with no official confirmations on the actual release date.

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I almost immediately fell in love with its fantastic setting and the vast number of activities that you can do as you explore Palia’s beautiful open world—farming, fishing, cooking, decorating your home, and so much more. It doesn’t hurt that the game is free to play on PC while you can wishlist it on Nintendo Store for your Switch. But can you play Palia on your MacBook? Things get more complicated when it comes to macOS devices… Let’s see what we know so far!

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Can You Play Palia on Mac?

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We have to disappoint all Apple fans out there—Palia is not available on Mac computers via any official means. You cannot download and run the open beta version of the game that is currently available for PC on your MacBook.

Even worse, there are no announcements about including macOS devices in the official release either right away or further down the line. At the moment, it seems that you will be able to play Palia only on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, if the game attracts enough attention—and there seems to be a lot of interest already—the developers might consider adding a macOS port in the future.

Some fans of the game are trying and succeeding at playing Palia on MacBooks via Windows emulators for macOS. Still, this method is not officially supported and may come with numerous glitches and technical issues if you decide to go down this path.

Fingers crossed that the developers hear the wishes of all MacBook users out there! In the meantime, you can get more information about this game in our dedicated Palia section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Can You Play Palia on Mac?