How to Get and Upgrade Abilities in Oz: Broken Kingdom


Welcome back Touch Tap Players! We’re taking another look at Oz: Broken Kingdom today. Your ability cards are the name of the game here and they directly affect how powerful your heroes are overall. As such, it’s important to find as many ability cards as you can and upgrade the ones you already own. Today we’ll be looking at the different ways to earn new abilities with our Oz: Broken Kingdom Ability Guide!

Note: We’ll be repeating some stuff in our previous guide just as a neat way to keep everything together in one place.

1. Watch for the “In Store” banners!

The Item Shop is the only shop in the emporium that rotates its good every couple of hours. There will always be four ability cards plus an elemental pearl of some kind. Look for “in store” banners across your cards when you’re powering them up. The banner means that the card in question is currently stocked in the store and it’s your chance to buy it if you’re lacking enough extras for an upgrade. The amount of essence you’ll need will range from 250 to 5000, depending on the rarity of the card you’re trying to buy.

Keep an eye out for the banners, and remember that you can refresh the item shop for free by watching an advertisement. Buying cards from the shop is a cheap and relatively easy way to power up ability cards.

2. Replay campaign levels!

Each campaign level has a chance to reward you with a specific ability card. You can check what card it is before the start of the level, under possible treasures. Finding the ability card will put a green check mark next to it, and finding it again is not possible unless you spend 100 emeralds to refresh it, which is generally not worth it.

You can make this process easier by raiding levels you’ve beaten already. Raiding levels lets you “complete” the level without actually having to fight the enemies, and all it costs is a little bit of energy. However, raiding is only available once you have achieved all three stars on the level. Additionally, examining a specific ability will show a magnifying glass button on the right side. Tapping this button will tell you exactly which level has a chance to drop the ability card.

3. Spend your emeralds wisely!

You can buy various coins in the Pool of Wonders. You get bronze and silver coins for free every couple of hours, so make sure you check back to use those. What’s left are the gold coins and hero coins. We’ll compare them here.

  • The Gold coin costs a whopping 750 emeralds and contains 18750-55000 essence, 36 common cards, 25 uncommon cards, 20 rare cards, and 10 epic cards.
  • The Hero coins cost 200 emeralds each and contain 20 common cards, 16 uncommon cards, 12 rare cards, and 5 epic cards for a specific hero of your choice.

In the end the choice is completely up to you of course, but we recommend buying the hero coins. The reason being is that three hero coin purchases will net you five extra epic cards for 150 emeralds less than the gold coin, plus you know exactly who is going to get the cards. You can buy the gold coin if you’re dangerously low on essence, though.

That’s all for the abilities in Oz: Broken Kingdom. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, please do so below as we’re still putting together tips for this massive game!

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How to Get and Upgrade Abilities in Oz: Broken Kingdom



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