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Oz: Broken Kingdom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Oz: Broken Kingdom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s the Wizard of Oz like you’ve never seen it before! Oz: Broken Kingdom takes us back into a re-imagined world of Oz. Join an all new hero, Ophelia Shen, on an epic quest to save the kindgom! Of course, she won’t be alone. Accompanying her are legendary Oz heroes Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion. Broken Kingdom plays much like a turn-based RPG, but there are some card collecting elements as well. Today we’re diving into the the wonderful world of Oz, so here’s our Oz: Broken Kingdom cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Master each hero’s innate ability!

Each hero has a specific resource that can significantly power up their abilities.

  • Ophelia gains Instinct whenever enemies use their abilities. You can Awaken at maximum instinct points. Ophelia’s speed and critical rate are increased for three turns during awaken. Her basic attack Back-Alley Blades is also replaced with Blink Strike, a magic-type powerful attack. It’s easy to get this to trigger with little repercussions if you use shield and healing abilities such as Back-Alley Instincts.
  • Scarecrow gains Focus whenever he uses a normal offensive ability. His next ability becomes supercharged when at full focus, causing it do deal more damage. Scarecrow’s innate ability is probably the most straightforward out of all the heroes, as you will be constantly dealing damage with him anyways. Just be sure to save a hard hitting ability for supercharge, and keep in mind that your basic attack and defensive abilities cannot be supercharged.
  • Tin Man gains Oil whenever he takes damage. You gain extra mana when you hit maximum oil. Much like Ophelia, an efficient way to build oil is to endure a couple turns of attacks. Offset incoming damage with shield and healing abilities as you build oil. His ability Oil Bath grants him increased mana regeneration. You can then unleash a barrage of attacks with abundant mana once your oil is filled.
  • Lion gains Courage whenever he attacks and loses it whenever he receives damage. The higher his courage is, the more bonus damage is added onto his attacks. Play him like you would play Scarecrow – relentlessly attack and don’t let up. Abilities that increase his speed or lower enemies’ such as Bestial Fury and Maim synergize very well with Lion’s playstyle. He has a big advantage if he can get as many turns in as possible before enemies can act.

2. Make the better gems as soon as possible!

You will gain access to the city’s gem crafters once you defeat the final boss of Munchkin Town. You’re probably struggling through the tougher fights at this point in the game, so it’s imperative that you start making the better gems as soon as possible. You’ll need every ounce of help you can get even if the stat boosts don’t seem like much at first. Keep in mind that as you craft the better gems, you can use them to craft the even greater gems! You need to remove them from your heroes first, though.

3. Something not working? Try other heroes!

Generally you’re going to pick the hero that has the type advantage over the enemies you face, but usually levels will have enemies from at least three different types. If you’re having trouble with one hero, try out another one and see what works. Early on, we had a lot of trouble when using Tin Man, as his damage output was just not enough to get through some levels, even with all of his defensive abilities. Ophelia was fast and strong enough to clean up even when against Strength-type enemies.

4. Power up abilities!

I’ll be honest. I had a pretty rough time getting through Munchkin Town, which is just the starting chapter. The difficulty curve of this game ramps up pretty fast, and you’ll be losing battles frequently if you don’t upgrade often.

  • Use your coins as soon as you get them. One copper coin is worth a single pull from the Bronze Wonder Pool, which will help you upgrade your existing abilities and maybe even get new ones.
  • Revisit older levels. Each level has a specific ability or item it can drop once. If you have found the item in question, a green check mark will appear in the drop list. You can then spend 100 emeralds to refresh the chance to get it, but it’s usually not worth it. Revisit each old level until you’ve collect all of the treasures.

That’s all for Oz: Broken Kingdom. If you have any other tips or trick to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Oz: Broken Kingdom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. For a game that’s supposedly been out since April/May this year in beta (from what I understand), there’s shockingly little information about it as far as tips/tricks/strategies go. This helped a bit, thanks!

    I like the game though. Finished the first area, Munchkin Town and got my character/team up to Level 9. I surprisingly had no trouble with the first area at all, and only lost once to the final boss of the town. Used basic knowledge and kept my cards upgraded. Huge Hearthstone and TES:Legends fan here so I guess some things come naturally :)

    I used to win a lot of Arena matches but now getting paired consistently against level 14 opponents and above, all of which I obviously lose. I hope matchmaking gets fixed to be more consistent.

    I can’t decide which “character” to main though, still. I like the Tin Man since he hard counters Ophelia. I like Ophelia too, and I see a lot of higher level players using Lion. I’m at the point where I have to ‘evolve’ my first character and I have no idea who I “should” choose though. Let’s see.

    Oh and feel free to add me in-game :) KiranB#5917

    • Hey KB,

      Glad you’re enjoying the game. It is definitely a fun mix of turn-based combat and CCG elements.

      We’re gonna have to agree with you about the Arena matchmaking though, and it’s why we didn’t include tips on PvP – we kept getting destroyed by high level players running Epic cards in their deck! And besides, the optimal deck really comes down to the player’s preferred hero and style of play.

      As for the evolutions, don’t worry about them too much early on. We were able to evolve all four heroes to stage 2 after getting a bit through The Countryside, though you’ve probably already evolved most of them by now. Personally, we’re big fans of Scarecrow because those supercharged spells do some big damage, even though his ability is predictable and easy to see coming.


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