We absolutely love Out There for iPhone and iPad and we keep playing over and over again even though we end up dying over and over again. Well, that’s the fun of the game, among many other things. And since we played for so long, we have decided to share with you some Out There cheats: actually, a set of tips and tricks that will help you survive longer and have as much fun as possible.

So if you can’t get better, get smarter by checking out our Out There tips and tricks!

1. You can never have too much fuel
Or iron (Fe) to repair your ship. These are, actually, the two most important things you need to keep going. So always harvest and store as much as possible: I usually keep at least two cargos of fuel and one of Fe, but even this is not always enough. If you get the technology to be able to harvest stars, you are all set with fuel. If not, it’s going to be a bit more difficult.

The good idea is to create a strategy on how to maximize the gains and always have both your ship’s stats close to 100% and a full set of resources in the cargo hall. Usually, if there are three planets (fuel, rocky and breathable) the first I visit is the breathable one to replenish Oxygen and encounter the aliens. Then we move to the rocky planet to harvest all the iron that we can: repair your ship to 100% and stash as much as possible before finally leaving for the fuel planet. Fill up your tanks, store as much as possible and only then fly away to a new galaxy.

2. How much fuel to spend on harvesting resources
In some games I play with a technology that allows me to scan each planet for the resources it has. It’s free and shows me if there’s a big amount of that resource (marked by a + sign) or just a little (a minus). Sometimes, if I am stocked well on resources, I don’t even bother to harvest the minus resources because I might end up wasting more than I get. Usually, I spend the first time 5 or 6 fuel to harvest and if I get a ton of resources, I use the same amount the next time. If not, I use less, like 3 or 4. The idea is always to produce more than you waste.

3. Be prepared for the unexpected
This sounds like a stupid thing to say, but it’s worth trying in Out There. The idea is that there are random events that can and will cause you some damage. From losing fuel and oxygen to getting bits of equipment destroyed, anything can happen at any given time and you need to try to always have the elements required to repair the broken stuff. Alpha is a good element to have for such unexpected occurrences, but it’s even better if you check out the items required to repair the equipment you have installed and try to have a few with you.

4. Upgrade your ship
There will be times when you will come upon bigger ships. Never change your ship with a smaller one, there is no point in that! More cargo space means more space for installing equipment and carrying resources.

However, the game is tricky here and most new ships you stumble upon will lack important equipment (like the telescope) that will make it impossible for you to explore the galaxy. A good idea would be to transfer all the stuff you have on your current ship to the new ship, dismantle all the equipment in your old ship, transfer it to the new ship and use it to rebuild the equipment on the new ship, then swoosh into space with extra cargo room and better morale!

5. Learn the alien language
I am working on creating an article with all the alien words translated, but until then you can write down all the alien words. If the aliens like the answers that you give them, they will offer you new and usually amazing technology. So knowing what they say is vital, and words that you learn in one game won’t be carried over new ones. The solution? Go old school and write them down and pretty soon you’ll know what the aliens are saying. [UPDATE] We have published an article with the Out There alien language, make sure to check it out if you need some extra help!

6. Some tech is better than other
This is pretty obvious, and even more obvious is the fact that you will never have all the space for installing all the equipment that you can build. So always be selective: even though I was lazy enough not to write down their in-game names, I can tell you that some technologies are great to have. The one that allows you to harvest suns is great for fuel, but even better are those that allow you to see what kind of planets are in the star system (always go for anomalies and breathable planets, stay away from black holes if you don’t have the tech) and that which allows you how many resources are on a given planet (since this way you can save on fuel and know exactly the elements you can hope to get – extremely useful when you’re trying to build new equipment).

7. Keep on playing
The more you play, the easier it will be for you to understand what ship design works best for you. Experience is extremely important here and you will know not to switch technologies because you can end up losing vital ones that make it impossible to switch ships, for example. So keep playing and have our Out There tips and tricks in mind and you will surely survive longer.

Do you have other tips and tricks to share with fellow players who love this game? Let us know by commenting below!


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