Omega Strikers Estelle Best Builds: How to Build Estelle in Omega Strikers


Omega Strikers is a really cool project that combines football and MOBA. It allows you to choose one of a few characters and each of them has its own set of skills. After that, you will need to participate in a football match with other players. In this guide, we will tell you how to build Estelle in Omega Strikers.

How to Play Estelle in Omega Strikers

There are a few different characters that you can play in Omega Strikers and one of them is named Estelle. She seems to be a really mobile player with some great offensive skills. Estelle has exceptional attacking potential that makes her a great forward striker. So, if you want to play her in Omega Strikers then we highly recommend you to follow an aggressive playstyle. However, you are not forbidden to play defensively but this kind of strategy doesn’t seem to be effective with Estelle.

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Best Build for Estelle in Omega Strikers

In order to make your Estelle effective, you will need to choose the best Trainings for her. These things provide you with some valuable bonuses and you should pick three of them. Here is the list of upgrades that we recommend you to use with your Estelle in Omega Strikers:

  • Crossover – Strikes give you 35% haste for a short period of time.
  • Rapid Fire – Decreases cooldown of your Primary Ability.
  • Missile Propulsion – Gives additional cast range to your projectiles and makes them hit harder.

These are some of the best skills that you can choose for Estelle in Omega Strikers. They will help you to play aggressively and make more goals. If you know some other good combinations of Trainings for Estelle you could share them in the comment section below this article. Good luck in your further matches in Omega Strikers!

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Omega Strikers Estelle Best Builds: How to Build Estelle in Omega Strikers


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