The Outer Worlds

At E3 2019, Obsidian Entertainment announced The Outer Worlds, a massive sci-fi RPG. The game has only been confirmed for Xbox One and PC, but now it’s also been revealed that it will be released on Nintendo Switch.

The news has been confirmed by Nintendo of America, who also shared a brand new video featuring Senior Producer Matthew Singh detailing the game and the development process.

The Outer Worlds is going to get ported on Nintendo Switch by Virtuos. The team has worked on a lot of ports and a few HD remasters such as L.A. Noire, Final Fantasy XII and Dark Souls Remastered, so we should expect The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch to run and look great.

The Outer Worlds is launching this October on PC and Xbox One, but it’s not yet clear if the Nintendo Switch version will land at the same time. We will surely learn more about it as soon as we get closer to the release date.

The Outer Worlds launches on Nintendo Switch on a yet to be confirmed release date.


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