No More Heroes III

The thrill of battle may not be everything that keeps Travis going in No More Heroes III, but it definitely helps him a lot. As battles proceeds, he can build up tension that will make his attacks much stronger, and enemies considerably easier to defeat.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tension Gauge and how to make the best out of it.

No More Heroes III Tension Gauge Guide

No More Heroes III

The Tension Gauge mechanics are rather straightforward, as higher Tension stages will make you deal more hits in combos and they will be more damaging. There are four different Tension stages – kitten, cat, yellow tiger, and red tiger. The red tiger stage is the most powerful Tension stage, so your goal should be to reach it as quickly as possible to dispose of enemies with ease.

Increasing the Tension Gauge is quite simple, as you just need to use normal and heavy attacks against enemies. Wrestling Moves also increase Tension a lot, so make sure to use them as much as possible. Additionally, you can increase your Tension by eating the Tamago sushi and increase it by 50% or 100% with the Death Glove Victory Chip and Victory Chip-EX, the latter unlocked by defeating Kimmy Love on Spicy difficulty.

Whatever you do to increase your Tension gauge, there is one thing you need to avoid at all costs: getting damaged. Your Tension will decrease if you get hit by any attack, making it harder to reach the red tiger state, so beware.

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