How to Eat Sushi in No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III

In No More Heroes III, Travis will need to keep his strength up to survive the dangers lurking behind every corner, and to do so, he needs to do what everyone should in their life every now and then: eat sushi!

Sushi in No More Heroes III is extremely important not only for healing purposes but also to obtain some temporary buffs that can make quite a difference at higher difficulty levels. Here’s everything you need to know about these Japanese delicacies.

How to Eat Sushi in No More Heroes III

Before you are able to eat sushi, first, you will have to purchase it. You can do so at DonMai Sushi shops located in every big area as well as right before any of the game’s boss battles. These shops sell different types of sushi that have different effects depending on the type: Maguro replenishes Health, Kappa-maki replenishes Power, Tamago increases Tension, Ikura increases Attack Power, Ebi restores Death Skill cooldown and Futomaki increases Slash Reel chances.

To eat the take-out sushi you have purchased, you only need to press up on the direction pad on your left Joy-Con. You can cycle between the sushi in your possession with the right and left button. In Berry Sweet and Bitter difficulties, you can carry up to 5 sushi of the same type. At harder difficulties, the limit is decreased to one.

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How to Eat Sushi in No More Heroes III


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