No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Midori Midorikawa

No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III is a game like very few others, featuring an extremely varied experience that jumps from straight action to puzzle solving, to rhythm game, and so on. Some of the bosses you will have to take down will also require you to engage in a sort of different gameplay that feels both weird and engaging at the same time.

This is the case of the fight against Midori Midorikawa. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Midori Midorikawa is a rather unique individual that can control Fire and Wind thanks to the Dark World demons that are always with her. She is fought at the end of Episode 6 – Hell.


Midori Midorikawa drops Twin Fist Beast Mane and Twin Fist Beast Blood Crystal upon defeat. The latter is only dropped after she is defeated in the Time Machine on Death Difficulty.

How to Defeat Midori Midorikawa


Before being able to battle Midori Midorikawa, you will have to complete a very short first-person sequence that’s reminiscent of a survival horror game. To complete it, follow the flame first, enter the classroom at the dead end, proceed until you reach a door covered in blood, turn left and then proceed in the hallway until you fight multiple rooms. You need to enter the first room and third rooms on the left and the second room to the right to defeat the BONE aliens inside and unlock the real fight.

Go Full Green

The battle against Midori Midorikawa is made unique also by the fact that you will be in Full Green Mode from the start. As such, you can use the Missile attack to deal huge amounts of damage and the Tiger Attack to instantly get near her is she tries to get away from you.

Fire and Wind

As already mentioned, Midori Midorikawa can control Fire and Wind with her Dark World demons and, as such, will unleash a variety of ranged attacks that are not too difficult to avoid. She also has a short-range attack comprised of two powerful slashes, so be careful when fighting her up close.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Midori Midorikawa


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