No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Destroyman True Face


Destroyman is someone fans of No More Heroes should know well, as he appeared in both No More Heroes and its sequel, where he got soundly defeated by Travis Touchdown. Not one to get discouraged, Destroyman is back for a rematch in No More Heroes III, where he challenges Travis with new powers and an army of robots at his command.

Here’s how to defeat Destroyman True Face without too many troubles.


Destroyman True Face sees himself as a hero that has to save the world from people like Travis, conveniently ignoring that he is not much better than those he wants to take down. You will fight this boss during Episode 07 – Crosshairs.


Destroyman True Face drops the Destroy Engine and the Destroy Brain. The latter is only dropped when he is defeated in the Time Machine on Death Difficulty.

How to Defeat Destroyman True Face

Death Glove Skills for the Win

Using Death Glove Skills in the battle against Destroyman True Face is extremely important, as they act as a hard counter to most of the boss’s attacks. Use Death Kick or Death Force when he is charging attacks to interrupt the charge and send the boss flying, opening him up for some close-range attacks.

Red Phases and Full Armors

During the Red Phase, Destroyman True Face can unleash, in addition to his regular attacks, a powerful Destroy Buster, an energy beam that tracks Travis, and the Electric Burst, a special attack that sends four energy bursts forward in different directions. If you cannot interrupt these attacks with Death Glove Skills, you will have to dodge them properly. Or, you can make things easier for yourself by activating Full Armor mode if you have it ready to go: the increased attack power and better mobility will help you end the fight as quickly as possible.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Destroyman True Face


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