No More Heroes III

Despite it being a somewhat straightforward action game, No More Heroes III comes with some mechanics inspired by role-playing games that allow players to customize Travis with different skills and buffs, which can be more or less effective depending on your play style.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Death Glove Chips that allow you to customize Travis in a variety of ways.

How to Create Death Glove Chips

Death Glove Chips, which all feature unique effects and buffs, can be created by using the Super Computer in the Motel. To actually create these chips, you will need junk materials as well as money, and you can make up to three copies of almost every Death Glove Chip. Some of these Chips, however, require materials dropped from bosses, so you will only be able to create them once you go past certain points in the story.

How to Equip Death Glove Chips

Death Glove Chips are also equipped by using the Super Computer in the Motel. You can equip up to three Death Glove Chips, which allows for a decent amount of customization options.

Best Death Glove Chips

Many Death Glove Chips make the game slightly easier, but which chip is actually best for you depends on your playstyle. If you like to go on the offensive, the Great Chips are the best ones to equip, as they increase ATK Power in exchange for lower defense. If you are good at performing Perfect Dodges, the Ginga Chip is a very good chip to equip, as it increases the duration of the slow time effect. Mix and match chips to find the perfect loadout to make the No More Heroes III a little easier.

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