How to Farm Money in No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III

Money always makes the world go round, and this is no different in the wacky world of No More Heroes III. Money in the latest entry in the series created by Suda51 is possibly even more important than in other games, as, without money, you will not be able to participate in Ranked Battles and thus progress through the main campaign.

Here’s how to farm money efficiently so that you will have more than enough to purchase all the items you need and take part in the Ranked Battles.

How to Farm Money in No More Heroes III

Money in No More Heroes III can be obtained by winning Designated Matches, which must be cleared anyway to gain access to Ranked Battles, or by playing Volunteer Missions, simple minigames that can be cleared fairly quickly.

To earn more than enough money to take part in Ranked Battles, you need to win the Designated Matches with a decent rank, like B or above. If you managed to do so consistently, you will probably never have to farm money to move the story forward.

If you need more money to purchase Sushi or complete your Capsule Toy collection, you will have to play the Volunteer Missions. Of the three available – Coast Guard, Lawn Mowing, and Toilet Rescue- Coast Guard is definitely the best to play, as it is extremely easy to complete successfully, even at the highest difficulty level. At Lv.3, you get 5500 Uc as reward, which is a nice amount of money to take care of all your purchasing needs.

Additionally, you can also get some decent money by selling junk at Beef Head. Junk is divided into different colors that indicate their rarity, and the rarest type, the Purple-colored junk, can be sold for 10,000 UC.

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How to Farm Money in No More Heroes III


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