Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is the first Nintendo mobile game not based on any of the Japanese company famous franchises, but it looks like this isn’t preventing the game from being a smashing success.

Today, it’s been confirmed that the game developed by Cygames has surpassed $3million in revenues, a truly impressive result for a new series. It’s even more impressive considering the game has only been launched in select territories, like the US, Japan, and Hong Kong.

In some of these territories, mobile gaming is big, especially Japan, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.

Quite impressive are also the number of total installations, which go above 800,000 total installations on both iOS and Android devices.


Despite these excellent results, Dragalia Lost debuted with lower revenues than other Nintendo games, like Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing, but it’s still big, considering, as stated above, that it’s a brand new IP.

In case you are enjoying the game, you definitely have to check out our Dragalia Lost Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide for some useful tips.

Dragalia Lost is now out on the App Store and Google Play Store

Thanks, Nintendo Life


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