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Dragalia Lost Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Dragalia Lost Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Welcome to Dragalia Lost, Nintendo and Cygame’s newest action RPG! Take on the role of the Prince as he tries to make a pact with the dragons of ancients times in order to save the kingdom of Alberia. This game is quite the uncharted territory for Nintendo, so let us guide you through this world of dragons and knights with our Dragalia Lost tips and tricks!

Dragalia Lost is all about prepping your team full of adventurers suited for the job and upgrading them to take on any challenge. Our Dragalia Lost cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide will show you how to build the ultimate adventuring team!

Master the Break system!

As you know, once bosses take a certain amount of damage they will activate Overdrive, in which their attacks because much deadlier. However, repeatedly assaults will knock bosses out of Overdrive and stun them, causing them to take increased damage for several seconds.

Our favorite way to go about this is to save your skills and dragon charge until the boss goes into Overdrive. Then, use your Force Break attack to reduce the Overdrive gauge by a lot, and once the boss is broken unleash your skill, transform into your dragon, and use the rest of your skills to unleash the pain!

Each Force Break is different – some attack in a radius around the adventurer, while some attack in a line. The smaller target area ones usually have the better breaking power, so experiment and see which one works best for you!

Complete the Endeavors!

There are two types of Endeavors, which are basically this game’s version of quests. There are regular Endeavors and battle Endeavors.

Normal Endeavors are sort of like milestones. There are Daily, Limited, Normal, and Special ones. The ones you should prioritize first are the Daily and Limited Endeavors, because as their names suggest you have a limited time to complete them. Completing Endeavors rewards you with precious Wyrmite (the summoning currency) and upgrade materials, making them very important!

Battle Endeavors are three optional objectives given to you for each stage. One of these Endeavors is worth 25 Wyrmite, so completing all three will net you 75 Wyrmite. It’s important to make sure you don’t miss these so that you can keep stockpiling Wyrmite!

Unlock important abilities in the Mana Circle!

Each adventurer has their own unique “Mana Circle,” a ring of various personal upgrades for them. Activating a node on the Mana Circle costs mana, and once your roster starts to expand, you’re going to find yourself short on mana if you try to upgrade everyone’s circles at once.

Instead, try to prioritize the important nodes. For starters, it’s very crucial that you unlock the Force Strike ability for your adventurers. This gives them a charge attack that can break barriers and reduce bosses’ overdrive times. You should have at least one adventurer that has their Force Strike, but ideally all adventurers should have it.

Secondly, unlock Adventurer Stories. Unlocking these stories will permanently increase the adventurer’s stats right off the bat, and then you can watch these stories to see a little more background info on the adventurer. This also rewards you with 25 Wyrmite the first time you see the story, so even if you’re not interested you can go ahead and skip through the story just to get the Wyrmite.

Check in on your Castle every now and then!

You don’t have to do this frequently, but it helps to check into your Castle grounds every now and then. See how your Rupie Mines are doing, and upgrade them if you can to increase their maximum storage. The Dragontree also produces new dragonfruit for you every day, so make sure you collect them so it can start growing new fruit.

You can also access the Dragon Roost from here, where all of your dragons live. Make sure that you give the Fresh Bread every day to one of your dragons, as it is basically a free bond boost. The dragon gifts reset every day, so don’t let it go to waste!

Use different Wyrmprints!

Every Wyrmprint boosts your HP and strength, but they also carry special passive abilities on them, like increased critical damage, elemental resistances, and so forth. When you use the Optimize command on your team, the game will just use your highest level Wyrmprints, but not necessarily the ones that would be most helpful for that level and adventurer.

It’s helpful to go through your prints and know what each one do, so you can change them around on the fly.

Final tips

As long as you’re upgrading your adventurers gear, Wyrmprints, and Mana Circles, you should be prepared for any adversity that comes your way. If you’re having trouble with a specific stage, make sure that you’re taking advantage of the elemental affinity triangle and using the best suited adventurers.

Be wary of using auto play, too. Auto play will make your adventurers dart directly for the boss room, ignoring all optional enemies and chests along the way. Your skills might not be charged when you get to the boss and you will also potentially miss out on new gear.

Your adventurers won’t dodge or use skills either on auto play, so make sure to take control when you get to the boss. It’s very important that you dodge the telegraphed attacks as getting hit by just one of these attacks could mean the end for you! Use elemental affinities, dodge boss attacks, and charge up your skills to win!

That’s all we’ve got for now! Dragalia Lost will continue to be updated with new adventures, so if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Dragalia Lost Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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