Sandy Cheeks, the extreme go-getter hailing from Texas, is bringing her can-do attitude to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl! With both SpongeBob and Patrick in the roster, it’s only natural that we’ve got their diving suit-donning squirrel friend to round out the team. Sandy’s playstyle is aggressively in-your-face, which is very appropriate for the feisty gal. Today, we’ll show you the basics of Sandy in our Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl guide on how to play Sandy!

How to Play Sandy

Sandy is a pretty standard close-range fighter: her light and strong attacks are various punches and kicks that deal moderate damage. She’s lacking any sort of projectile, and a lot of her normal attacks have minimal range, so you’ll need to play aggressive with Sandy to keep the pressure on your opponents.

The most integral part of Sandy’s skill set is her neutral special move, The Sheriff. Sandy whips out her trademark lasso and reels in distant opponents, immediately sending them into a ground bounce and setting them up for an easy combo. Skillful use of The Sheriff can turn Sandy into an absolute nightmare to fight against, but you’ll need to be careful, as missing with it leaves Sandy wide open!

If your opponents would rather go toe-to-toe with you, then you can unleash Sandy’s strong melee attacks, and that’s really the core of her fighting style. Use The Sheriff to punish opponents at medium range, and condition them to approach you instead. Give them the good old Kah-Rah-Tay!

Sandy’s Light Attacks

Double Jab (First hit: 3%, second hit: 4%): Sandy lets out a quick one-two punch. This move chains into itself, and you can pummel the opponent for some nice damage. This is undoubtedly the best move out of Sandy’s light attacks, because if your opponent misses the ground tech from the first jab, they will be stuck in a whirlwind of punches. Sets up opponents for an easy strong attack.

Uppercut (10%): Sandy delivers a powerful uppercut. This move does a high amount of damage for a light attack, and it has strong launching power. Since it comes out quickly, you can use it as a combo finisher, or if you’re quick enough, you can follow up with an aerial attack.

Tail Sweep (9%): A quick tail sweep that is hard to see coming. Deals good damage and comes out fairly quick, though it does have a bit of recovery lag, just like Uppercut.

Acorn Tackle (3%): Sandy’s running attack is a quick jab with an acorn. Acorn Tackle does a measly 3% damage, but it’s one of Sandy’s best tools to approach her enemy, thanks to dash attacks chaining into any other move upon hit.

Two-Way Punch (11%): Sandy punches out to her sides. This move comes out quickly, so you can use it to safely approach midair opponents.

Aerial Uppercut (10%): A quick uppercut into the air. Functions just like its ground counterpart, and has less of a launch arc, making it great for vertical air combos.

Downward Kick (10%): Sandy performs a quick axe kick in the air. Comes out quick and does good damage, and it also sends opponents downward, though it’s a pretty weak launch and will only KO at high damage.

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Sandy’s Strong Attacks

Kick-Punch Combo (17%): After a brief windup, Sandy lets out a quick combo of kicks and punches. This move has two different hitboxes that come out in succession, but only one hit will count. If your opponent blocks the first hit but tries to retaliate too fast, they might get hit by the second hit!

Punch-Kick-Tail Combo (16%): Sandy performs a bunch of high attacks. This move has a lot of active frames and can catch opponents off guard.

Kah-Rah-Tay Chop (17%): Sandy rears back and slams down with her karate glove. This move deals high damage and sends the opponent in an upward arc, which actually makes it useful for starting combos.

Shell Sandboard Slide (15%): Sandy slides across the ground with her shell sandboard. Starts up quickly and deals good damage.

Bicycle Kick (17%): Sandy propels herself forward and performs a rapid dropkick. This move has quite the range, so it’s one of her best aerial strong attacks. It’s also useful for recovery because it pushes Sandy forward whenever she uses it.

Upward Stomp (16%): Sandy performs a somersault and kicks in an upward arc. Upward Stomp launches opponents almost straight upward, so it can be a good combo finisher.

Tail Spin (17%): Sandy flicks her tail downward harshly, sending any opponents hit by it downward. Has a bit more launching power than Downward Kick. You should be using this move if you’re trying to dunk people into the abyss.

Sandy’s Special Attacks

The Sheriff (No damage): Sandy whips out her lasso and reels in a distant opponent. This is perhaps Sandy’s greatest tool in her entire kit, because grabbing an opponent and pulling them towards you is essentially a free combo on them. Extensive use of The Sheriff is the key to Sandy’s aggressive playstyle, and if your opponent doesn’t know how to deal with it, they’re going to eat a lot of damage. Just be mindful of spacing, as The Sheriff won’t be able to grab opponents that are too close to you.

Rocket Pack (12%): Sandy dons a rocket pack and flies upward. You can’t steer her as she’s ascending, but you can control her as she’s falling back down. You can hit opponents as you’re going up, but it’s kind of hard to aim, so be careful—missing will leave you falling down in a helpless state.

Extend-O-Boots (5%): Sandy rises into the air with the aid of the Extend-O-Boots, dealing damage to anything she collides with. Pressing the special button again after the boots finish extending will retract them, putting Sandy into a neutral midair state. With some good timing, you can utilize the Extend-O-Boots to do some quick ground-to-air combos, but it’s pretty tricky to do. We couldn’t get the hang of this special move, but we think you could utilize it to set up some neat combos.

That’s all for Sandy’s moves in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl! If you’ve got any other strategies for Sandy, let us know in the comments below!

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