The new Pokemon Snap update includes three new areas, and 20 new Pokemon to find. One of the new areas is the Barren Badlands of Voluca Island- a poisonous and strange place full of swamps and geysers. Find Pokemon on the rocky cliffs or deep underground and snap them before they dart away.

We will update this list with more detail when we have discovered them all and share the info with you.

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Barren Badlands (Day)

  • Mandibuzz: is a flying Pokemon so keep your eye out for it in flight. It can be found at the start of the course, and near the middle of your journey perched on cliffs.
  • Minior: as a rock Pokemon type you may find Minior in the cliffs or ground as you approach the end of the course.
  • Silicobra: tempt it with Fluffruit and try to capture this ground type Pokemon to dig for a great photo opportunity.
  • Torchic: a couple of these fire Pokemon can be found on higher ground near the end of the course.
  • Lychanroc: find this Lychanroc wandering around past the swamp area of the map.
  • Hippowdon: you should find this one near the start of your course, on your left as you begin.
  • Onix: find Onix waiting for you near the end of your journey.
  • Shinx: can be found near a Tepig after the swamp area on your map.
  • Diglett: find these dotted throughout the map.
  • Tepig: find this cutie at the star and towards the end of your journey.
  • Crustle: find him between two pools of water.
  • Koffing: can be found in the gassy swampland.
  • Swalot: find Swalot in the swamps.
  • Kangaskhan: another who may be tempted by Fluffruit, and can be discovered at level 2.
  • Salazzle: another who can be discovered at level 2.
  • Scolipede: level 2 is needed to find this one.

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Barren Badlands (Night)

  • Rockruff: find Rockruff near the start as you approach a body of water.
  • Vivillon: there are three different patterns to discover in this course, all near the start of the journey.
  • Kangaskhan: will be waiting for you past the swamps.
  • Mandibuzz: can be found on cliffs and near the geysers.
  • Torchic: one can be found at the start, and one at the end.
  • Lychanroc: find one at the start, and one past the swamp.
  • Shinx: find one right at the start, and another right at the end.
  • Tepig: find him alongside Shinx.
  • Crustle: find this one near the water.
  • Scolipede: can be found between the swamp and the geyser.
  • Swalot: find this one in the swamps.
  • Magikarp: level 2 is required to discover Magikarp.
  • Sandshrew: also requires level 2.
  • Tyranitar: also requires level 2 research.
  • Gliscor: level 2 is also needed here.
  • Zeraora: also requires level 2.

We hope to update these as soon as we are able so check back later!

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