New Pokémon Snap River (Night) Requests Guide

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap has been recently updated with brand new content that further expands the experience with new courses, new Pokémon, and new rewards to unlock. And with new courses come new LenTalk Requests that reward you with some nice bonuses if you manage to capture specific behaviors from the new Pokémons found in these courses. There aren’t as many requests as there are in the main game’s courses, however, so it won’t take too long to clear all requests.

Here’s how to complete all of the requests found in the River (Night) course.

All New Pokémon Snap River (Night) Requests

  • Diving Spot
    • Research Level 1
    • Reward: Black-and-White
    • Take a picture of Feraligatr diving into the water. Feraligatr can be found at the start of the course, walking on the cliffs. Wait until it has stopped roaring and throw a Fluffruit at it. After a short while, the Pokémon will appear on the cliff to the right, and then dive.
  • Majestic Ursaring
    • Research Level 2
    • Reward: Star 6
    • Take a picture of the Ursaring as it is slapped by a Magikarp. To make the fish Pokémon do so, throw an Illumina Orb at the second Crystabloom of the course, scan the area near the Ursaring and wait for Magikarp to jump out of the water.
  • Lurking in the Water
    • Research Level 2
    • Reward: Effect 7
    • Take a photo of of the Magikarp as they go up the waterfall together with Gyarados. Before you can complete this request, you will need to clear Diving Spot first. After this has been done, get to the second area of the course where you can find two Magikarp near a waterfall. Play the Melody to wake them up, and then scan to make them get into the water. Throw an Illumina Orb at the waterfall to light it up, gather the Magikarp and see them go up together with Gyarados. Take a photo before it gets to the top to clear this request.

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New Pokémon Snap River (Night) Requests Guide


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