Despite being a relatively straightforward game, New Pokémon Snap features plenty of side content that players can complete to unlock additional rewards. Among the side content available in the game are the LenTalk Requests, which have also made a comeback in the new courses added to New Pokémon Snap via the 2.0.0 update. The new requests are considerably fewer in number, so it will not take a lot of time for you to complete them, especially if you have mastered the game’s mechanics.

Here’s how to complete all of the requests found in the River (Day) course.

All New Pokémon Snap River (Day) Course Requests

  • Psychic Sidekick
    • Research Level 1 or above
    • Reward: Ribbon 7
    • Take a photo of Psyduck as it uses Psychic on Magikarp after it jumps out of the water.
  • Cleffa’s Training
    • Research Level 3
    • Reward: Crown 3
    • Take a picture of the four Cleffa found in the glowing cave as they use Metronome. To find the Cleffa, take the alternate route, scan the area once inside the cave, and launch four Illumina Orbs at the Crystabloom inside.
  • Drilbur Propeller
    • Research Level 3
    • Reward: Design 21
    • Take a picture of multiple Drilbur as they come out from the wall near the glowing cave in the alternate route. Make the Drilbur dance and dig by playing the Melody.
  • Overhead Friend
    • Research Level 3
    • Reward: Ribbon 7
    • Take a photo of a Wooper as it rides on Tropius’ head. To reveal the Wooper, you need to thrown an Illumina Orb at the second set of bubbles near the start of the course. Follow the Wooper and eventually, you will see it get on the Tropius’ head.

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