Ever since mobile devices started getting more and more popular, several gamers all over the world have started asking Nintendo to put their most popular franchises on iOS. The Japanese company was pretty close to the idea up until not too long ago, when their problems have started getting worse, with the Wii U not managing to sell as nicely as intended and the 3DS under-performing in North America.

And now the time has come for the Pokèmon franchise to appear on iOS devices. Unfortunately, it’s not with a game and it’s not even available to everyone, as this new app has some specific uses and is only available in Japan as of now.

PokèTouch is an app for kids where they can type out Pokèmon names, play some mini-games and go on some small adventures. All the minigames have some educational purpose, since they are good for improving hand to eye coordination.

The fact that the app is meant for educational purposes only is pretty clear by how the app is sold – with licenses. With the 101+ licenses offer, it’s obvious that PokèTouch is meant for classroms.

While this may not seem all that interesting for iOS gamers, it’s still nice to see how Nintendo is approaching the whole mobile market. They said they weren’t going to offer traditional software and they are definitely sticking to what was announced.

To learn more about the App and check out some screenshots, you can check out the PokèTouch Official Site.



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