SNES - Nintendo Switch Online

It has been some time since Nintendo updated the NES and SNES title selection for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but it seems like the time has come for new titles to be released on the service.

Nintendo confirmed that four new games will be made available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers next week, on February 19th.

The two new SNES games are rather interesting. Pop’n’Twinbee is a classic vertical scrolling shooter featuring a very colorful setting and an engaging gameplay experience. Expect to see plenty of bullets flying on the screen as well as big bosses and huge weapons. The second game is Smash Tennis, a tennis game that features some advanced gameplay features, compared to tennis games of the same era, that makes the whole experience deeper. Interestingly enough, the two games have never been released in the US before.

The two NES games are far from being the most popular on the system, but they are good titles nonetheless. Shadow of the Ninja features a very interesting experience with stealth features, while Eliminator Boat Duel offers a different racing experience.

The new NES and SNES games are getting added to the Nintendo Switch Online library on February 19th.


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