There is a brand new set of games that have just been launched on iTunes and there is at least one really notable this week under the name of Joust Legend. Except for the medieval action game, we have games from all the other genres lined up to take us by storm this week. Which is not a great one in term of amazing iOS games, but it’s not a crappy one either. So let’s check out below the notable new iOS games of the week!

Joust Legend

I am sure that you never thought that a jousting “simulator” would actually make it to the top of the “most promising” list EVER, but the truth is that Joust Legend is pretty fun. It’s time to put on your shiny armor and have fun like they used to back in the days when smartphones were not even considered a possibility. Feel every shuddering hit with beautiful 3D graphics designed for Retina screens, bone-crunching slow motion replays and fully motion-captured horses and knights. Really fun, I promise!

iTunes link: Joust Legend

Dead Effect

You are an elite member of the Unit 13. Fight for your life in a SCI-FI FPS game that will send chills down your spine. The single player campaign promises 5 hours of intense action and horror (hopefully not because of how the controls work), a power-up that allows you to slow down time to take enemies down and an arena survival mode if you think you’re the Chuck Norris of space combat.

iTunes link: Dead Effect

Boom! Tanks

Out of nowhere, Codemasters decided to launch a tank battle game and we’re glad to take it, especially since it comes free of charge! In Boom! Tanks each player becomes a tank commander who must take the fight to the front line in three extensive campaigns; gamers will blaze through the desert heat of North Africa, power across the rolling green fields of Europe and must keep their cool in the frozen Siberian tundra. To ensure victory in the heat of battle, players can unlock, collect and equip iconic classic and contemporary tanks including the American M1 Abrams, Russian T-8OU, British Challenger and many more. Boom!

iTunes link: Boom! Tanks

Heroes of Loot

From the guys behind Gunslugs and Meganoid comes a brand new adventure: Heroes of Loot is a dungeon-game like no other. Every time you play, the dungeon will be different, every time you become better, the dungeon will also grow and become more dangerous… hardcore at its best!

iTunes link: Heroes of Loot

Spirit Runner

A survival endless runner? Well, that’s definitely something that I want to play and now I got a chance that this game is out. And you too have the chance to free some spirits, run and jump and play over and over again a new contender for the “best endless runner” spot!

iTunes link: Spirit Runner

Infectonator: Hot Chase

A sequel to the popular Infectonator, Hot Chase challenges us once again to put the world under a complete zombie dominance and this time mixes in some sweet love too because zombies have feelings too, apparently. It’s all innocent fun in Infectonator: Hot Chase and I can’t wait to give it a try. Probably you feel the same.

iTunes link: Infectonator: Hot Chase

Pet Peaves Monsters

A Tamagotchi-like game with a twist: you train your monster and take care of it until it reaches adulthood, when you can take it in online duels against your friends and strangers to see if your Peave is the monster king or just a cute but useless pet. An interesting approach and twist to the genre

iTunes link: Pet Peaves Monsters

And these are our top picks for the week. Which of these games are your favorites?


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