Those who love playing older games through emulators on their mobile devices surely know about GBA4iOS, the GameBoy Advance emulator released a while back for iOS devices. What made this emulator unique was the fact that it could be used on any iOS device. The release of iOS 8.1 has brought an end to this but it looks like a new method to use the emulator has been found.

Developer Riley Testut has revealed on Twitter  that a new beta version of GBA4iOS is now available, also revealing a new temporary solution to download and use the emulator. You can learn more about the matter by checking out the video at the end of this post.


The new version of GBA4iOS, called 2.1, will be released in the next few days and come with some new features like wireless linking, animated intros, GameBoy Color palette support, new controller skins and a new multiplayer feature. All these feature are included in the  new Beta version, only that the multiplayer mode doesn’t work on all devices.

If you want to know more about GBA4iOS or simply read all latest news on the emulator, you would do well in keeping an eye on the emulator’s official website.



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