If things did heat up in NEO: The World Ends With You during Week 2, Week 3 become outright epic right from the start, with Plague Noise running rampant and starting to mess up not only the UG but also the RG.

Among the first Plague Noise you will have to take down is Plague Batrakos. Here’s everything you need to know to take this boss down with ease.


Plague Batrakos is a Plague frog Noise that can deal a lot of damage with its stomping attacks. You will have to fight this Noise during Week 3, Day 1.

Normal Mode Stats

HP – 17000
PP – 1000
EXP – 150
Weak to Ice

How to Defeat Plague Batrakos

Plague Batrakos, despite its superior HP and attack power, doesn’t behave too different from any other frog Noise you have encountered so far. Alongside the Water Gun attack unleashed by both the boss and the smaller Plague Frogs and the leaping attack, the Plague Batrakos can also unleash a powerful stomp attack that you have to dodge at all costs since it deals massive damage and reduces your Groove significantly. As the smaller Plague Frogs can get annoying, you will want to unleash a Mashup attack or Killer Remix as soon as you can to take them out.

Given you will be fighting against multiple enemies, you will want to bring Pins with area of effect attacks. Both the Plague Batrokos and its minions are weak against Ice, so keep this in mind when choosing your Pins. Dodge attacks properly, focus on the boss and you should win this battle without too many troubles.

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