The highly anticipated racing game from EA, Need for Speed: No Limits, has finally been launched on the App Store and we can guarantee that it’s an amazing ride that we’re talking about here. One that draws you in easily and keeps you hooked, but one that can’t be mastered so easily – and to help you get there, we’ve decided to share some Need For Speed No Limits cheats and tips to unlock all cars, win all races, rule the underground and everything else. Hope you’re ready for this because it’s a real thrill ride we’re about to embark on!

So let’s not waste any time! Let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Need For Speed No Limits tips and cheats!

1. Focus on the Car Series First
The Car Series races will give you a lot more XP than the Underground ones, so do them for as long as you can and keep winning. Early on in the game, your goal is to unlock everything ASAP to take advantage of all the goodies the game has to offer. So in order to get there faster, do all the Car Series first, refill your energy (first time’s for free!) and then do the underground races again – get to level 15 ASAP to get everything NFS: No Limits has to offer!

2. Quickly upgrade your cars
Check out the stages that you can complete and replay those with a guaranteed reward that you need for upgrading your vehicles. Or, to keep things even easier, simply go to the garage and tap an item that you want to get. The game will automatically show you all the stages that you can replay in order to get it – race until you do and quickly upgrade your cars. The more upgrades you have, the better your car and the easier it will be for you to win races and unlock new stages.

3. It’s all about the Nitro!
A thing that I really love about Need For Speed No Limits compared to other similar games is that you don’t really need the most powerful car in order to stand a chance at winning the race. No, you can still win races and events against better competitors even with a less powerful vehicle: just master the Nitro and you will be fine. It’s important to master and perform the things that increase the Nitro: draft, drift, perform jumps, go though Nitro Boost (the blue arrows) if they exist in the level and go for near misses. All these also increase the amount of dollars you get after you finish a race, so the more tricks you do, the better you’ll do in the race.

You can basically use the Nitro anytime during the race (not only when you’re going straight), so take advantage of that! Also remember to use it as often as possible: don’t allow it to fill up and then wait – it’s just a waste of Nitro. The best and easiest way to fill it up is by drifting – easy, nice and rewarding, but make sure you don’t try to do it if there’s a lot of sand on the tracks.

4. How to unlock more cars?
Simply playing through the game will unlock you more cars by default as you win more prizes. Most likely, by the time you reach level 15, you will already have 3 cars to choose from, which is pretty nice. Take advantage of the premium crates (offered for free every 2 days) as well as regular crates, then complete stages to win or potentially win car cards. You can speed up the process by tapping the car you want and completing the stages or requirements listed there – similarly to the Upgrade parts trick I mentioned earlier. Of course, you can also spend real cash to speed up things.

5. Get a main car and focus on upgrading it!
It’s true that the Car Series will require quite a few of your cars to be in top upgrade form, but early on focus on a main car to keep the story going and actually win races. Upgrade parts can be used on each car, so it’s best to start piling them up a little bit for when you get a really powerful ride – and quick boost it as soon as you do. But even if you go for upgrading all your cars as soon as you get them, you will still be able to upgrade them all, but you’ll require more time and replaying the earlier stages over and over again for getting the materials. The good thing is that the game is great fun, so replaying should be no problem!

6. Ignore the damage
If you hit other cars or obstacles, your vehicle gets damaged but that doesn’t influence the game too much. It’s true that you can lose some time and speed, but except for that, there’s no permanent damage done and you don’t have to repair your car or spend money to get back on track. So if there’s a car in front of you and you have no option than going through it, do it! Most likely it won’t cost you the race!

7. Look ahead at the road
Always know what’s coming at you and what obstacles you have to avoid – try to race while looking ahead and always knowing what’s next. This way, you will be better prepared for what’s coming and you’ll have the best possible approach for what’s coming (for example, prepare for a drift, launch your nitro, change lanes and so on). As a Golden Rule of Thumb, it is usually a good idea to try and stick to your lanes when you have jumping boards on the track as they will always be on each lane!

These would be for now our Need For Speed No Limits tips and tricks. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, let us know by commenting below!


  1. Not a bad guide, but there are a few things which I feel are missing:

    First, I’ve noticed that the nitro boost is quite a bit more effective when it is used during the acceleration period, which is something AI drivers rarely do as much as a human player is able to. If I don’t want to delay the boost for some reason, I always try to boost whenever it is possible directly after the start. It only makes sense, because any speed below the car’s rated top speed remains a permanent advantage, even after the boost has run out. Whereas any speed beyond the rated top speed, which is due to a boost, will immediately be removed at the moment the boost runs out.

    Second, I’ve stopped farming too many low-level races when I want to upgrade new cars. Except for guaranteed rewards when some events are completed for the first time, all potential rewards are part of a randomized loot system. Since cash and design points are in the loot table too, chances are that the required blueprint/part/material is not even available as a reward or you’ll spend several days farming for it due to the long cooldown. In some cases you will even need multiple blueprints/materials, which makes the farming even worse.

    Third, that’s why I have started going down a different route a while ago. Cash is not the most valuable of currencies in the game, but it can help very much for an advancing player. There are crates (5 standard ones go for 20k) and the black market, which often has at least one cash item to offer too. I have found, that I get the variety of materials easier through buying crates in bulk, because in each set of five crates, there are mostly two chests which contain a common material which is perfect for upgrading a new car from the bottom up. The rest is usually stuff which I cannot get from the default race rewards at all (mainly retrofit kits or whatever they’re called in the English version of the game), or which are only available much later in the game.

    Fourth, there are tactics to maximize your income from races so you can get the most for your expended fuel, but even so some event types are less lucrative than others. If you are in a race with one or more opponents, try to drive in the slipstream as long as possible and only overtake shortly before the finish line. Do as much drifting as is safely possible while still winning the event. Drive over all nitro sources on the road (while you get half-boost for each zone you only touch a little bit, the cash bonus depends on how much of the zone you drive over) and jump over any ramps you see. Drive as close to other traffic as you can safely do without crashing, you even get a bonus for safely overtaking your opponents in this way. If you follow that and find the right tracks (the longer the better, usually), it’s quite possible to earn 2.5 to 4k cash on winning a good race event. You’ll be hard pressed to reach even 1k in some other events, so this is a crucial income multiplicator! It takes work though and the auto drive feature can’t be used for a maximized income.

    Fifth, since more cash allows you to buy more crates, you also need a place to store this equipment and these parts. Your garage is limited to 45 slots, but you may spend 30 gold bars each to upgrade the storage by 5 slots. I’ve done that a number of times and the cost has remained constant so far. You can earn a more or less unlimited amount of gold bars by finishing daily tasks aside from the one-off rewards for level-ups and reaching certain stages in the game. While the amount from those daily tasks is not so large, it allows you to expand the storage space considerably if you don’t want to save the gold bars for some other use.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us! I also noticed that the Nitro during the acceleration phase puts you ahead instantly. Will try the others!

    • I’ll try your strategy of buying crates instead of farming stages, but still you’ll need those for completing upgrades or cars blueprints when you are missing only few ones, don’t you think?

  2. Another useful tip is to only claim the daily task rewards when you’re needing fuel, since they usually give you enough experience to level up and get the fuel refill.

    On the other hand, if you’re almost leveling up and still have a high amount of fuel, just re-do old races for materials/blueprints until you’re almost out of fuel. Old races don’t give you experience, so you won’t level up doing those. Then do a new race for experience, level up and get the refuel.

  3. What is throwing me off is how I collected blueprints but the slots are glowing gold and I can’t click on them… There’s a gold arrow pointing up what does that mean?

  4. Always repeat Underground Chapter 3, Time Trial. You ALWAYS get major parts like new engines / nitro kits etc etc. if you get duplicates (check in the garage spare parts) then sell them. Min $3k each time. If not duplicates save them for pretty big upgrades.

    Also, look ahead for the next tournament, pick one of the cars it needs and focus fully on upgrading that one for a few days beforehand. You smash it then when that tournament starts.

  5. Yes all this is helpful, but once you reach a certain point in the game where your money and gold is gone and you have to reach a 30 or higher PR. On any given car then it is next to impossible to reach. Even if you spend your own cash to but gold it I never guaranteed. This game is fun and addictive at first but as you advance it gets harder like any game but is also almost impossible to get to where you want to be without spending at least 100+ dollars. I have like 5 cars to go and still can’t get to the end of the viper underground and some of the car challenges need an almostaxed out carto even finish. You guys need to cut the player some slack in later game play. Common.

  6. You promised us cheats, but provided none, just tips every player realizes after few games, most of them are shown on loading screens… I spent precious minutes of my life reading this article, even more typing this comment. Shame on you!

  7. how can i change the color and designs of my car??? its on my ipad btw i can only change the car performance but i really want to change the color and parts.

  8. Never never sell engines turbos tires etc. when upgrading. Later when a new car is unlocked you can take tuned engines and stuff from the old car by swapping to the ones that are completely untuned. You need kind of a buffer

  9. Here’s a tip for more advanced players. When racing in events in a borrowed car, don’t use up all of your replays until it’s almost time for the next day’s events. Race the replays but intentionally lose the race. This allows you to accumulate event money to upgrade the car without using up all of your replays because losing the race doesn’t count as a replay but still pays you event cash.


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