NBA Life is a pretty unique simulation game that was just released for mobile. Created by Hitcents, which we know from The Godfather game, the game puts you in charge of an NBA player that you have to lead to glory. And I am here to help make the experience a lot faster and better by sharing with you some NBA Life cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

Things might seem a bit complicated at first, but soon everything will make sense and you’ll see that this is actually a really, really good game. And if you pay close attention to our NBA Life tips and tricks, you’ll become the best player really fast. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out our strategies below!


1. Log in daily and collect all rewards
There are not a ton of rewards and freebies that NBA Life offers to its players, but if you log in daily and, even better, if you can log in multiple times per day, things will be perfect. For each consecutive day that you log in, the reward box will hold better items, so this is why you want to log in each day even if you don’t have time to play.

But if you have time to play, you can and should collect the daily gift boxes: there’s a total of six and you can open one for free each day, but you can watch one video every 15 minutes to open more. My recommendation is to open as many as possible as they all hold items that are required to upgrade everything in the game.

2. Join a Crew
Crews are extremely important in the game for getting even more items. Join an active crew and start donating the required items and when the required amount is met, you will receive more of the item you have donated. Even more, for each win that the crew members get in NBA Life, the meter of the Crew fills and when it reaches the required number, you get a reward box which can give you some amazing rewards, including Juice (which is the game’s premium currency).

Tournaments will also be launched in the near future and I am sure they will make things a lot more interesting, so find an active crew because you will have a lot to gain from this.

3. Always work on creating/upgrading
There are a few things you can be working on in the city (Places button) and you should make sure you’re always doing so. I’ll talk about each below to make things a lot easier to follow:

Workout Facility: Here you can work on six different areas and fill them to the maximum, then use these to improve your playing skills. Work on them at all times, focusing on those missing the biggest amount. You can even start working on something, like Agility and only collect it when you see it fit. When you have enough materials, upgrade each type of training here in order to produce more.

Wellness Center: You produce energy here based on your Health Coach’s level. You need hearts produced in order to get energy which you can use to play games. Pretty simple, so again make sure that you’re always working on getting more hearts – you can also leave them wait and collect when you need them.

Practice Drills: This is here you actually improve your character. My suggestion is to train them all equally and focus on one for when you spend some time away from the game: this way, the increasingly higher waiting times for training a skill will not matter that much. Alternately, you can complete the Bonus Challenge to reduce the time (these regenerate for free over time) or use Speed Boosters that you can collect from your Home (or buy in the store)

Your House: An extremely important place in the game, because it allows you to produce items for upgrading various things. Make sure you always collect on time and build extra rooms as soon as you unlock them (usually by winning games in the league)

4. The clothes store
Not insanely useful at the moment, in my opinion, but it will probably get better over time. Here you can purchase various clothes which enhance various skills of yours for a limited amount of time (which increases based on your Stylist’s level). You should only wear these clothes when you plan to play a few games because once you put them on, you can’t take them off.

Another great thing that the items here give you is Threads which can be used to go for a lucky draw in the store, rewarding you with all sorts of items. It seems that the rewards are random at all times so it doesn’t really matter what type of threads you’re using. There also doesn’t seem to be any other use for threads, so don’t hesitate to use them all to get even more items and premium currency.

5. How to win all your games
Winning a game is mostly a thing of skill: if your skills are better than those of your opponent, then you will most likely win. There’s a bit of luck and strategy involved, though, as some defensive skills cancel or minimize the effect of some offensive skills. Here’s how it works:

So basically, if your opponent selects Three pointer on offense and you select Closeout on defense, you will get a bonus and score more points. Of course, this is mostly a guessing game, but there’s also a trick to increase your chances, which works better as the quarters pass: tap the “Scout” button before selecting your move and see what the opponent has played. When selective the offensive move, try using one that the opponent has used. In defense, do the other thing: try using a defensive drill that would counter one of the remaining drills from your opponent.

For example, if we’re in the third quarter and we only have Hookshot and Fadeaway in offense and the opponent has Pressure and Closeout in defense, we’ll play the Hookshot because no matter what the opponent plays, they won’t have the required move to get the bonus against our.

Finally, if you want to rush things a bit during the quarters, simply tap the game when the quarter starts and it will resolve instantly.

6. Don’t forget to get your money!
Make sure that you collect everything from the Dyme app in your Phone’s menu. For each game you win, you can collect a different amount of money, but it unlocks after a waiting period passes. For the game rewards, that’s 15 minutes, for everything else it takes a bit longer. Either way, make sure you collect as often as possible.

These would be, right now, our tips and tricks for NBA Life. If you have other strategies or questions for us, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



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