The Godfather has recently received the mobile game treatment from FT Games. Fully titled The Godfather Family Dynasty, the game is only available on Android right now, but we have hopes for an iOS port launching soon. Until then, we can still enjoy playing this exciting strategy game on Android. And we’re here to help you get your Family to the top and rule the city faster. For this, we have some The Godfather cheats and tips!

So if you want to make sure that you’re doing everything you have to do – and doing it right, read on for our The Godfather Family Dynasty tips and cheats! This article is mostly suited for beginner players, but more advanced ones might have something to learn as well – so make sure you read it!


1. Keep the upgrades pouring in
Upgrading everything is extremely important in the game and, especially early on, the order in which you upgrade doesn’t matter much. Just upgrade all the buildings around your mansion first, then head over to the city and upgrade everything you have there. You will most likely have VIP levels unlocked based on the number of crowns you have, so make sure to take advantage of those for free upgrades and rushing your existing ones. Try to have everything to the maximum level in order to get the most out of the game.

2. Join a Family ASAP
Joining a Family is extremely important and being part of a highly active one matters the most. Not only that you can wage war and get a lot of goodies from that, but fellow family members can help you rush upgrades in your city. You also get to contribute, together with fellow family members, to Family technologies that improve all aspects of the game, complete Daily Tasks for rewards and have an easier, faster progress through the game overall.

3. Make sure you own everything
The game doesn’t do a really good job at telling you about things you can conquer, so it’s best to manually go through all the things you own every now and then and make sure that there are none left unconquered. Usually, new areas become available after upgrading your Mansion, so make sure you check them out after each upgrade – then quickly level them up to get them up to par with the rest of the buildings.

4. Train troops continuously
It’s extremely important to keep training troops at all times. Training them requires a lot of time and it’s better to have your ranks filled and new recruits coming in than having to wait for them all to be ready. Make it a habit to start training troops as soon as you log in to the game – and collect those that are trained already.

5. Complete all the free goodies
There are a ton of free goodies available in the game and you should make sure to get them all: Daily Missions and Daily Family Missions offer great rewards and increase your VIP level, you have free items coming from the Night Club, regular gifts that you can collect throughout the day after the timer limit reaches zero… there are indeed a ton of ways to get freebies in the game and you should do your best to collect them all!

6. Use your special items
There’s no need to hoard special items and goodies. Also, it’s not wise at all times to just use them as soon as you get them. Make sure that you use your special items and boosts at the right time in order to get the most out of them. Money boosts, for example, are best used before spending them since having your vaults full of money and goodies is risky.

7. Unlock new Capos and equip them
Capos are really important for your success. You unlock new ones as you progress through the game (check the Night club) and you can use them in battle. Enhance them as soon as possible by collecting the required items (just tap them and see where or how to get them) and you’ll soon be on your way towards world dominance.

Add Skills as well in their profile – these can be later removed and changed, so there’s no point in adding anything you have early on then change if needed or if you get better skills.

8. Be patient & log in daily
Logging in daily is important, just as it is being patient. This is a game that requires a lot of time in order to give you the most it has to offer, so don’t try to rush things too much.

Also, the more time you can spend in the game and the more often you can log in throughout the day, the better as you will be able to collect more resources, upgrade your buildings and perform research, attack and get better. So if you really want to get the most out of the game logging in multiple times per day is not optional!

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for The Godfather game for Android. If you have other suggestions and strategies, please share them with us in the comment section below.



  1. A lot of beginners face the unemployment problem especially when they start training tier 2 troops. Because of this, they can’t train a lot of troops. There is an unemployment buff that can be used in the library for just 300 gold which doubles the unemployment rate for 7 days and completely eliminates this problem.
    Apart from this I’ve got a few other great ways in which you can spend gold. You can find that in this video.

  2. Hy all! I install the game “The Godfather; family dynasty”

    When i start game there is loading game, buth only to 20%. Don’t go anymore. Wath can be problem? Any answear with guide how to? Thanks for answering my question

  3. This game is awesome but new players should focus on their personal is a need but not helper sometimes.and if anybody told u there is equality in the family so don’t worry about ur ranking they lie.bc on its time it’s important who is on the higher ranks so no equality at all.and try to learn every truck as soon as possible bc it’s bad if u don’t.

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    • You lose all the benefits of the family center, you lose all of the helps that you get when upgrading, and you lose all of the family tech that you donate to everyday.

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    • If you don’t have enough troops in a force to gather a full tile those medals will increase the load that the troops can carry.


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