Nanami Pulse is the ultimate model of Nanami. She is equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels on her heels, which lets her blast across the battlefield at lightning fast speeds. She can dash through enemies while putting herseslf in an overclocked mode, granting her access to new abilities. Here is a quick rundown of Nanami Pulse’s abilities, builds, and more in Punishing Gray Raven!

Overview & Strategy

Nanami Pulse is an S-class Tank that excels at dealing fire elemental damage. Both her red and yellow orb skills deal great damage, and they also deal fire damage if used with at least three orbs. Her blue orb skill deals good damage too, but it’s used mostly for the shield and super armor bonuses, which let Nanami Pulse attack her foes without interruption.

Nanami Pulse needs a bit of setup for her to excel in battle. Soften your foes up with her red and yellow orb skills, and use her blue orb skill to stay in the fight longer. Your goal is to get her signature move as quick as possible, as that increases her damage output significantly.

Nanami Pulse is a late bloomer – she needs a lot of resources for her to really start shining. As mentioned earlier, her signature skill lets her reduce enemies’ fire resistance, and this combos well with all three of her passive skills, which only activate when she is overclocked. The downside is that you won’t unlock them until she’s ranked up all the way to SSS+ rank.

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Orb Skills

Red: Nanami Pulse thrusts her chainsaw forward, dealing 10/20/30% physical damage multiple times. Deals fire damage instead if used with at least 3 signal orbs.

Blue: Wind up and then unleash a powerful uppercut that damages enemies three times for 25/50/100% physical damage. Nanami Pulse gains a shield based off of 5/7.5/10% of her maximum HP and gains super armor for 5 seconds.

Yellow: Somersault into the air while spinning the chainsaw, dealing damage twice for 50/100/100% physical damage. Deals an additional 100% fire damage if used with at least 3 signal orbs, and leaves behind a burning ring which can damage enemies multiple times.

Active Skills

Basic Attack: Slash with the chainsaw, dealing up to 310% physical damage.

Signature Move: Dash forward a large distance, dealing 450% fire damage to all enemies caught in the dash.

QTE: Spin around with the chainsaw, dealing 240% fire damage to all nearby enemies and lowering their fire resistance by 5% for 6 seconds.

Class Skill: Enemies take 10% more damage when attacked by you for 5 seconds.

Ultima Awaken: Gain 3 signal orbs upon entering battle.

Passive Skills

Core Passive: Upon using her signature move, Nanami Pulse goes into “overclock” mode, which makes all of her basic attacks deal fire damage. Enemies hit by an overclocked Nanami Pulse have their fire resistance reduced by 7.5% for 8 seconds.

Leader Passive: The team’s defense is increased by 15%, and fire resistance is increased by 10%.

Passive 1: While overclocked, attacking enemies grants a 30% chance to detonate them, dealing 25% bonus fire damage.

Passive 2: While overclocked, gain super armor and all damage received is reduced by 20%. Fire damage dealt during this time is increased by 15%. Lasts 8 seconds.

Passive 3: While overclocked, all damage is increased by 15%. Lasts for 8 seconds.

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Nanami Pulse’s Preferred Partners

  • Phantom Pain Cage
    • Lucia Lotus (Attacker)
    • Liv Eclipses (Support)
    • Lee Entropy (Attacker)
    • Liv Luminance (Support)
  • War Zone
    • Karenina Blast (Attacker)
    • Liv Lux (Support)
    • Karenina Ember (Attacker)
    • Liv Luminance (Support)

Nanami Pulse’s Preferred Equipment

  • Weapons
    • Hydro Heat
    • Lightning Spark
  • Memories
    • Da Vinci
    • Catherine
    • Voltaire
    • Gloria
    • Cottie
    • Mozart

That covers the basics of Nanami Pulse in Punishing Gray Raven. If you have any other comments or suggestions about her, let us know in the comments below!

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