Lucia Dawn is an Attacker unit in Punishing Gray Raven, a new action RPG. Considered to be a sign of hope by many, Lucia Dawn is a powerful dueler that can strike down her foes with powerful physical and lightning elemental attacks. Lucia Dawn is her signature frame, appearing as elegant and powerful at the same time. Here is a quick rundown of Lucia Dawn’s abilities, builds, and more in Punishing Gray Raven!

Overview & Strategy

Lucia Dawn is an A-class Attacker with strong single-target capabilities. Most of her skills are centered around her core passive, which lets her mark enemies with certain orb skills. Marked enemies have a chance to take additional lightning damage whenever they’re attacked by Lucia Dawn, so the key to her is applying as many marks as you can to enemies.

Use her blue and yellow orb skills to apply marks on enemies. Make sure you use 3-pings to make her lightning zone last longer and deal more damage. Once your target has three marks on them, use her hardest hitting skills like her red orb skill and signature move to really bring the pain!

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Orb Skills

Red: Stand still and unleash a flurry of slashes. Each slash deals 20/40/72% physical damage. When used with at least 3 orbs, deal lightning damage instead. Lucia Dawn is immune to any form of crowd control during the attack.

Blue: Attack with a cone of blades, dealing 40/80/120% lightning damage. Enemies are pulled towards Lucia Dawn, dealing 40/80/120% physical damage and marking them.

Yellow: Creates a lightning zone that lasts for 3/4/5 seconds, dealing 50/100/150% physical damage to enemies, marking them in the process. Enemies that are caught in the zone after it is created will take 10/15/20% lightning damage per second.

Active Skills

Basic Attack: Deals 295% physical damage.

Signature Move: Costs 70 energy and summons multiple katanas to hover around Lucia Dawn. The katanas attack whenever Lucia Dawn uses basic attacks or orb skills, dealing 12.5% bonus lighting damage. Lasts 15 seconds.

QTE: Deals 300% physical damage.

Class Skill: Extra damage bonus increases by 10%.

Ultima Awaken: Gain 3 signal orbs when entering battle.

Passive Skills

Core Passive: Attacking marked enemies has a 25/50/75% chance to trigger a lightning strike, dealing 30% lightning damage. The more marks a target has, the higher the trigger chance.

Leader Passive: Attack-type Constructs gain 10% more attack power.

Passive 1: Gain 20% more lightning damage while inside the lightning zone.

Passive 2: Lightning strikes triggered from Lucia Dawn’s core passive deal 20% more damage.

Passive 3: After using signature move, all damage increased by 15% for 5 seconds.

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Lucia Dawn’s Preferred Partners

  • Phantom Pain Cage
    • Kamui Tenebrion (Tank)
    • Bianca Zero (Attacker)
    • Liv Luminance (Support)
    • Liv Lux (Support)
  • War Zone
    • Karenina Ember (Attacker)
    • Karenina Blast (Attacker)
    • Liv Luminance (Support)
    • Liv Lux (Support)

Lucia Dawn’s Preferred Equipment

  • Weapons
    • Inverse – Shadow
    • Kuji no Sada
  • Memories
    • Ike x 4
    • Erwin x 2

That covers the basics of Lucia Dawn in Punishing Gray Raven. If you have any other comments or suggestions about her, let us know in the comments below!

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