It’s that time of the year! My NBA 2K17 has been released and everybody’s excited to play the amazing game. This year, we have a new game mode to enjoy – the Blacktop Challenge which is my favorite so far – and I am here to share with you a bunch of My NBA 2K17 cheats and tips that will help you win all the games you play, build the best team or deck and have the most fun possible.

So let’s not waste a single second, there’s a lot of strategy involved in this year’s game, so let’s check out below some My NBA 2K17 cheats and tips for flawless play!

Keep the players on their preferred position
On most occasions, it’s vital to select players in their preferred position as this gives you a bonus to their stats. The only case when you should use a player in a different position than the preferred one is when you have a very good card that you can’t use otherwise: for example, you have an two Epic cards for the same position, but another position is a rare. In this situation, one of the Epics would be better played instead of the rare card, even if it’s not the player’s preferred position.

Play Blacktop Challenges
Especially early on in the game – but actually at any given point – playing the Blacktop Challenge is an amazing way to build up your deck. It’s true that you have to be active and actually play for a while, but it’s really worth it! If you can manage to win and be among the top players, you win a ton of free picks. Even if you don’t, you still get a fair amount of picks so you still improve your deck a lot.

We have an article dedicated to winning Blacktop Challenges, but until reading it, here are some quick tips to keep on winning: replay the same opponent you manage to beat in a previous game in the same round (usually the first placed in the previous round is a good target), keep only 25 cards in your deck – or at least train 25 cards as much as possible and use them in the Blacktop Challenge, so no matter what you get to pick, you still have a decent set and play all games: win as much as possible in your first round, lose 4 games in the second (to refresh all your cards), win as much as possible in the third, lose again in the fourth and win again in the fifth. You will see that this strategy usually gives you a guaranteed top 3 position and a ton of rewards and you don’t even need energy refills!

How to win all games
No matter if you’re playing in the Blacktop Challenge or Quick Games, there are some strategies that you should use in order to increase your chances of winning. First off, you should always pick the opponent that is either in a lower tier than yourself (so if you’re on Ultra rare, go for Super rare and so on) or, if none is available in a lower tier, pick a player that has way less matches played than yourself. In this case, chances are that your trained cards are better than theirs and you will easily win the game.

My strategy is the same as last year’s: I send the weakest player first because in most occasions the AI sends its weakest one first. If it’s a two-player play, then I select the best options and, if possible, I boost their stats with a support card. This usually works really well!

When playing a Quick Game, if you want to keep your losses minimal, you can simply quit during a game you are sure you will lose and the loss will not be recorded. However, you have nothing to win if you have zero or very few losses, so doing this doesn’t really make sense.

Wait before training your cards
You can normally have a maximum of 200 cards in your deck at any given time and my suggestion is to always wait for your cards to reach the limit before starting to train your players. This is because of two reasons: first and most important, your chances of getting rarer cards before you max out the numbers you have are greater, so you won’t end up training and working on a card that you won’t use too much in the game. Second, you will increase the progress bar of your tier in a nice manner by upgrading in batches, and you will find it easier to defeat opponents in the same tier.

The key when it comes to your tier is to always try and have the meter as close to be completely filled as possible as this makes you a lot stronger against players in the same tier.

Should you hit the Auction House?
I play a really slow and patient game and I rarely use the Auction House. My opinion is that unless you’re bidding for legendaries and epics, there is little point in buying from the Auction house. Also, your cards are best used to improve the players you currently have as this makes your team better overall. But if you feel like giving it a try, if you have a lot of rarer cards playing the same position, you can try selling them for some quick profits. Keep the prices low as there are few people willing to spend a fortune on a bad player!

How to win seasons in My NBA 2K17
The key to winning seasons is, apart from the obvious which is having good cards and a meter that’s almost full when starting the season, Energy Refills. Make sure that whenever you start a season, you have maxed out your energy cards and as soon as you start using them, go play quick games or a Blacktop Challenge in order to get even more and always be able to keep your players fresh.

How to improve your players
There are multiple things that you can do to improve your cards. I would personally suggest to always start and focus on maxing out the level of a player first: train them and max them because that’s the biggest value increase per cards used. As soon as you have leveled them up, you can start working on other stuff, like charging the extra offense, defense and so on – but that’s not really worth the trouble because the charges are limited, while the cards are lost forever. Do these only when you have really important matches coming.

These would be, right now, our My NBA 2K17 tips and tricks. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by commenting below!



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