2K Games has just launched their NBA CCG, My NBA 2K16 and we have already shared some tips and tricks with you to help you get a head start in the game. But the real deal happens only if you have some really high quality cards in your deck – and those are the Super Rare and above cards. As you probably know already, it’s not too easy to get your hand on such cards so you might want to read our tips on how to get super rare, epic and legendary cards faster in My NBA 2K16. It’s mostly common sense, but it will help improve your team and deck and help you win more matches!

So let’s check out the article below and see how to get a better deck in the game and how to get more My NBA 2K16 Legendary and below cards!

1. Climb up to the better tiers
A Line-up Tier of Ultra Rare + will give you better chances of actually getting an Ultra Rare card than an Ultra Rare tier. Also, when you get to the Legendary tier, you will get more Rare and above cards that usually, so the better your tier, the better your chances of actually scoring a good card. Just remember to stay competitive in the games as well – simply climbing up the ranks won’t help much if you can’t win the games and speed things up by drawing 2 cards at a time!

2. The Auction House
This year, the game has an Auction House where you can easily purchase any card you want from other players. Keep an eye on the auction house, learn the prices and learn to spot a good deal when you see it: grab that player and put him to good use!

3. Ladder Rewards
They used to be better the last year, but the Ladder Rewards are still good to get some rare cards, even though you’ll have to wait for you players. However, the final ladder reward at the moment of writing gives you a player based on your tier, so it’s worth being as good as possible when you reach that milestone. Apart from that, all the other rewards will help you improve your cards or buy great players from the Auction House.

4. Win Seasons
You will get some guaranteed, high quality rewards for winning seasons, so do your best to be as active as possible once a season starts and win those games to bag the rewards. Again, the better your Line-up Tier is, the better the rewards, but it’s always better to be great in a lower reward tier than a rookie in a better one because your chances of winning will be lower.

5. Buy card Packs
You will win some RP as you play and you can spend them on getting some card packs (which can also be purchased for real life money). Try to get the Big Player Pack if you can afford it, otherwise go for the Player Pack since the rewards are similar with the Team Player Pack and the price is better!

6. Exhibition Games
If you play 100 games in Quick Game mode, you will get more rare cards than what you’d get if you played none. So keep on playing as often as possible since there are no limitations in this area and you will soon have an amazing deck that will help you keep winning. Combine that with smartly choosing your opponents and you’ll have no problems!

Do you have other tricks that you use to get Ultra Rare and above cards in My NBA 2K16? Leave a comment below to share your experience!


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