I am still loving this game – and I am talking about My NBA 2K15 now. But, as much as I love the game, I know that you can’t have a great deck without some great cards. And even though we’ve covered basic and advanced strategy in our previous article, it’s still very important to get some rare cards for your team. So now I am going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to get Super Rare, Epic and Legendary cards faster in My NBA 2K15 – and therefore win your matches easier.

Unfortunately, getting a Super Rare (or above) card in the game is not easy and you will have to play through a lot of games to get there. But eventually you will, and you will be happy with your newly earned cards. Here is how to do it:


1. Better tiers for better card chances
A Super Rare + tier will give you more chances of winning a SR card than the regular one. So get there as soon as possible. Also, Being in the Ultra Rare tier for example also comes with a better chance of you winning a Super Rare card. So the better your tier, the better your chances of scoring an extremely rare card. Also, I have noticed that whenever you change your tier (Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic and so on) you will soon afterwards receive a card from that tier.

2. Win Seasons
Taking part in and especially winning seasons is the easiest way to earn some Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic and above cards. Winning is easier if you have your season’s tier as close to the upper limit as possible: this means that you have a top deck for that season. So it’s always better to go in a Super Rare season with the tier bar at the top rather than the Ultra Rare season with the bar just starting up. As long as you win it.

3. Ladder rewards
If you simply keep on playing the game, you will start winning some great cards as a reward. When you reach 523 games played, for example, you will get a Super Rare Michael Jordan card, then at 1023 games played you will get the second MJ card to turn into a pro. And so on, so just be active and play over and over again to get access to better cards.

4. Exhibition games
The drop rate of really good cards is pretty low in Exhibition games, but that is what you will be playing most of the times, so grinding here is the only way to do it. As I said in the previous tip, the more you play, the more cards you will get and the better your chances of getting some Epic and Legendary cards.

5. Purchase cards
The risk of getting a poor card is great here, but it’s worth taking if you have some money to spend: buy a card pack! For 100 credits you can get an Uncommon to Ultra Rare pick, but if you really want to make sure that you will get an awesome card, you need 1,200 credits for a guaranteed Ultra Rare (with a chance for Epic). You will win credits every now and then from ladder rewards, so you can invest them as well in extra cards and if you are lucky, you’ll have a top one to play with!

In the end, as you can see, getting a nice batch of Super Rare to Legendary cards in My NBA 2K15 is not easy, but you will get there if you are active. And if you have other tips, share them with us below.



  1. I have been playing for six straight days non-stop and i haven’t received a star card yet and i just went to a star tier. Why is that?

    • I think it goes off luck.. last night I JUST got onto Star tier and the 4th card I turned over in the draft was a Star card

    • wow 6 straight days nonstop, talk about addicting… ive been playing 2 days straight so far, been very frustrating just getting a bunch of Rare’s… i’d be happy with some Supers.. let alone Ultra… and epic/Stars… how the hell you STOP getting RARES? I am at Super rare ++

  2. Also they should shorten the time in the seasons. The game is great but your playing for these cards and when you don’t get them you kinda want to quit.

  3. I am on Super rare + tier and I am mostly getting Rare’s… but usually get commons and uncommons..until there are around 5 cards on the draft board… and they give me a rare that i already have… so annoying such a bummer. And when I do get a super rare, it’s an enhancement or some boost for season -.- smh

  4. Im in ultra rare and my deck is stacked but usually I get lame cards. I just use them to upgrade my players.

    (CURENNTLY working on my pro tayshawn prince, rudy gobert, and jonas valanciunas)

  5. Ive been playing 2 months straight and im still at ultra rare ive got 2000 wins and when you get a good card the opponents cards are always better and the plays really determine who wins

  6. Explain this im a legendary ++ and have played over 2500 games and the best cards ive got from quick games is ultra rare about to just quit playing this game all together

  7. Im in legendary ++ and have a playoff 2 legendaries 1 epic and a pro super rare and a ultra rare support and a super rare sopport

  8. I just became a legendary ++ and my first draw was a legendary Sidney moncrief, but since then about a week has passed and my best pull was a super rare…WHY YU DO DIS 2K

  9. I’ve been in Ultra Rare+ For forever. How would you guys suggest leveling up my cards? Worry about the URs first or my pro SRs, or my SRs that I can level up and combine?

  10. Autsin, my advice is to first worry about your SR you can combine then once you combine them max those out. Next work on your pro SR , and finally your UR, a pro SR if don’t right normally has better stats then a normal UR, that’s why I’d focus on those first

  11. I just got a whole lineup of level 50 playoffs cards, but I’m still only in
    star ++. What do I need to get to the playoffs tier?

  12. I’ve been playing for 2 and a half weeks and already in Epic tier and I also got a playoff and epic card…but I still keep getting rares which is annoying

  13. I’m at Star+ and only gotten one Star card since I went up. And the next highest card I got after that is Legendary. But I’ve been getting pretty amount of Epics from the draft board.

  14. I’ve gotten to a point where it won’t let me swap out my quick game cards. I’ve purchased better cards and can’t add them to my line up. Anyone know how to fix this?


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