2K finally released the brilliant card collecting game My NBA 2K15 (or MyNBA2K15, because that’s how they like to write the title) and I am sure you absolutely love the game so far. I am here to share with you a bunch of My NBA 2K15 cheats and tips that will help you win all your games and seasons, and have the best possible cards! We’re talking here, obviously, about the My Team Mobile – the card game part of the whole package.

So no matter if we say that we have for you the My NBA 2K15 cheats and tips or the My Team Mobile cheats and tips below, the truth is that what we’re sharing with you below is going to help you tremendously!

1. Important tip for beginner players
If you’re just starting playing My NBA 2K15, I have an important tip for you: only play Quick Games until you have a decent set of Rares and Uncommon cards. Don’t train any cards yet, just create your best possible starting line up based on the cards that you have. Keep playing against people with very few matches (zero if possible) because they are the easiest to beat. Keep on collecting those cards until you fill up your deck, then select the best 5 of them (priorities are those that can be combined) and start training your top cards. This way you will get a boost and have a decent deck to play wiht.

2. Choose your opponents wisely
The nice thing in the game is that even if you lose, you can still draw a card. But if you win, you can draw two and that’s a big bonus. In order to increase your chances of winning, pick up your games wisely: look at the number of total games played (Wins + Losses) and choose those with the least. If a player has more losses than the others, it also proves that his or her deck might be easy to beat, so choose those first!

3. Train, then Combine!
One extremely important thing to remember in the game is that, for the best results, you should first train your cards to maximum levels before combining them. This way, they will get better ratings when you level them up and you will have an advantage over those who didn’t train them to the maximum level before turning the cards PRO.

4. Player positions matter
Matching the player’s starting position with their preferred position is extremely important as they will gain bonuses from this. So try to set up a complete roster when starting a season, having all your positions filled with top players. In Quick Game, all your players playing in the right position will get a small stat boost in game, while in the season, players in the right position will lose stamina slower.

5. Use the right boosts
There are a bunch of boosts available in the game and using them correctly might win you the game. I would personally suggest not to use a boost in the first two matches because that’s when the opponent usually uses them: keep them for later on, when you will get poorer players into play (and when your opponent will do the same) – you might get the advantage over them and win the game! Also, try to have boosts that cover as many skills as possible!

6. Play the tiers right
Tiers are also extremely important in My NBA 2K15: the better the tier, the better your chances of scoring a top card, but if you’re not ready for that tier, you will find it difficult to win games. For example, you have more chances of winning if you are at the end of the Super Rare tier rather than just starting the Super Rare Plus one. This is also extremely important in season plays: the closer you are to the right margin of the tier, the better your chances to win that season (since your deck is better). So stock up on cards to use for training, and train them with an eye on your tier rating!

7. Stock up on Energy before starting a season
If you start a season with a full set of energy, you have better chances at winning it. Energy allows you to keep your starting players at top energy (maximum stats) and therefore gives you more chances to win the games and the season. So always start with 20 energy and log in regularly to fill up the stamina of your starting players AND play quick games to get more energy.

8. The winning cheat
If you don’t want to see many losses under your name, there is a cheat that you can apply: whenever you are about to lose a game, simply quit the app and remove it from the cache. Start the game again and your previous match, the one you were about to lose, will not be counted. This doesn’t help much, though, as a lost game gives you the chance to draw one card, while doing this cheat just wastes your time. But if you like to have as few losses as possible, this one’s for you!

9. Only enhance PRO cards!
I am sure that you can’t wait to use your enhance cards on your players, but my advice would be to only use them on Pro cards. If you’re just starting wait to get at least a Rare PRO card before enhancing, because you will use that card for a longer time. Otherwise, you’d be just wasting the enhance cards because uncommon or non-pro cards will soon become too weak to keep in your deck.

These would be for now our generic My NBA 2K15 tips and tricks. I am sure that they will help you get a better deck (basically, if you respect the tip #3, you are all set!) and that you’ll keep winning your games!


  1. There is another cheat.First use your weakest cards first because the opponent will use their powerful cards. Then use your most powerful cards because the opponent. Wiil have the weakest cards so you can win. But this works 90 per cent of the time

  2. All of you r Thinkin wrong just play the game as much as you can. the more experience you gain the more you will mature for picking the right strategies. Dont get me wrong these are excellent strategies just play and mature at the game. my deck all has cards from the epic tier.
    My record is 12,357 wins and 1,600 losses
    I have one 700 of the minor events
    And 7,300 of the main
    Play,play and play

  3. Why doesn’t the quick game mode allow me to use and swap all my players. I just got so good cards but it won’t let me use them in my quick game lineup?

  4. I’ve played over a dozen seasons I haven’t lost any and the most losses I ever accrued in a season was 4.

    So here are some real tips:

    Put commons in as your 5 bench players. No one should use their bench they only count against your overall rating without contributing to the win.

    2. Balance is absolutely everything, if you have a card that is a world beater DO NOT USE THEM in season unless you have at least four cards of the same caliber, (legend, playoff etc.) you have to win 3 out 4 periods so don’t use most of your deck strength in one period.

    3. Get specialists not all-arounders – if you add up each cards stats (off, def, etc) that will calculate your deck strength. At the beginning of each season you are paired up with players of roughly equal deck strength. The winner will be who is best at each stat. The only way this backfires is if you get the same stat called over and over which is rare but does happen. Also keep your cards in the same tier at the same level.

    4. Never train your cards unless you have to! And especially never in the offseason unless it is to combine a card into a pro. All that will accomplish is making you face tougher players. Here’s the biggest tip: if you start a season with 5 0 level pro’s of the same tier you will dominate that season I promise you.

    If somehow a guy is still beating you simply train your cards up just enough to beat him. I used my ultra rare starters and super rare backups to win 7 seasons in a row without changing by simply training them up five levels at a time simultaneously.

    5. Once you max out a card, combine it, sell it or use it to train another card. Since we all start at the same deck strength and you can’t improve them they are only hurting you.

    6. Don’t shore up weaknesses with enhancements, only use them to accentuate strengths. Again specialists beat rounders all day long.

    7. Use the auction house! I’ve never spent a dime on this game but I’ve spent well over 10000 credits getting the cards I need to combine.

    8. Only auction cards that are max level non pro. Remember to set a ‘buy it now’ price. These are the only cards I’ve been able to sell but they sell well.

    9. Every card I’ve sold, i sold in the last hour so there’s no point putting them up for longer than 12 hours, also try to time it for around 4 pm after schools let out.

    10. Level up cards you’ll never use to sell for cards you will. Using your combined max level pro’s for this is utterly perfect, it seems like a waste but it isn’t.

    11. Don’t charge more than minimum and never ever buy 2k packs. First 2k charges too much as it is and second why by a random 0 level card when you can buy a max level card of your choice for half the price? Total no brainer plus it stimulates the auction houses microeconomy.

    12. Be a GM! train up cards you don’t need during the season and sell them (provided you’re winning.) Then during the offseason buy the cards you need to combine. Think of it as trading the epic you don’t need for the epic you do need.

    Finally people get really hung up on the don’t use overpowered cards until your ready thing. Let me explain it like this:

    You and I are in the same season and you just scored a legendary Lebron James so you use it. We both start at around the same deck power level which we will pretend is ten cards worth 10,000. Your Lebron James is worth 3000 making the rest of your cards worth 777 each, my cards are even so they are worth 1000 each.

    What this means is that the period you use Lebron James you will smoke me but I will win the other 3 rounds because 1000>777

    Good luck in the future and I hope you use these tips and adapt them to your style. Frankly I’m getting bored and could use some competition lol.


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