MW2: How Low Chambering Accuracy Affects You


One of the most exciting parts of the weapons system in the new Modern Warfare 2 is attachments. Using them, you can adapt the stats of your weapon to your gameplay and make it more comfortable for various in-game situations. Read this guide, and you will find out how low chambering accuracy affects you in MW2.

How Chambering Accuracy Works in MW2

If you have ever tried to use attachments for sniper rifles, you probably see that some attachments reduce chambering accuracy. Even though some people think that this stat directly affects the reloading accuracy and increases the chance that the character might fail to reload, it does not work. Surprisingly, everything is much more simple than it might seem.

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If you decide to stay in ADS mode while reloading, you might notice that aim will start to sway, and it will be impossible to shoot an enemy. Rechambering accuracy is the stat that estimates how much your aim moves while you reload in ADS mode.

Is Rechambering Accuracy Important?

Once you know what Rechambering Accuracy does, it is time to discover whether this stat is essential. Generally, you should take into account that Rechambering Accuracy is one of the most situative stat in Modern Warfare 2. The only situation in which Rechambering Accuracy might appear helpful is when you want to eliminate a few targets in a few seconds. Even though it might sound pretty realistic in the range, such situations are extremely unlikely to appear in close battles. Therefore, it would be best to ignore low chambering accuracy in favor of more important stats.

That’s it with chambering accuracy in Modern Warfare 2. This stat is used to estimate how much your aim moves while you reload in ADS mode. Generally, it is one of the minor stats, and you can easily ignore it. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to Fix COD MW2 Dev Error 11557.

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MW2: How Low Chambering Accuracy Affects You


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