Genshin Impact 1.5 update is finally here. The new update offers a plethora of new content that comes in the form of new events, quests, bosses, playable characters, and others. Today’s marked the start of version 1.5 first big event, Energy Amplifier Initiation and to take part in the event players have to complete a quest called Mr. Melancholy. In this guide, we will walk you through the entire quest in a brief summarized way.

Mr. Melancholy Quest Complete Guide

Here is the complete guide for the quest Mr. Melancholy which you need to complete to take part in the new event Energy Amplifier Initiation.

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Go to the event menu and click on “Go to the quest” in “Energy Amplifier Initiation” section to trigger the quest. The quest will ask you to talk to Yingzhu, found near the Stone Gate area of Liyue.

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Talk to Yingzhu, listen to her dilemma, exhaust all of her dialogues. Now you have to go back to the event page and select Act I.

Event Page
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In Act I of Energy Amplifier Initiation there are total of three places of interest that have Irminsul Fruit Fragment. Select the first investigation area.

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Every investigation area will have three Irminsul Fruit Fragments which is to be collected one by one.

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Collect all three Irminsul Fruit Fragments.

Return to Yingzhu and exhaust her and the Sumeru academia scholar Hosseini’s dialogue. Now you will get the Energy Amplifier window. Equip the different Irminsul fruit fragments.

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Next, you have to Challenge the domain. The location is marked on your map.

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Defeat the different enemies that you find in the domain and progress as you usually do. At the end you have to fight two Vishaps followed by a fight with Geovishap.

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Once the domain is complete, return and talk to Yingzhu and Hosseini to complete the quest.

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