It’s time to run, jump, and even ride on a dinosaur through a perilous run full of danger! Monsu is an endless runner that let’s you take advantage of magical cards that summon monsters and give you all sorts of bonus effects! We’ll help you get the most out of each run with our Monsu cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide, part 2. For the first part, click here!

1. It’s all about the cards baby!

The magic cards that you get on your way to your treasure can make or break a run, so let’s see what they do!

  • The winged cards are aerial monsters that fly along the track with you. Some of them will actively affect your run, such as the Blast Hornet who attacks obstacles and enemies periodically. Some of them will even help you out in a pinch, like the Extend Bat who acts as an extra distance boost when you are defeated.
  • The magic cards are direct effects that come from Monsu himself, such as the Spear Attack which lets Monsu throw spears. Some of them are passive, like Powered Up, which increases the duration of the temporary power ups.
  • The animal cards are more animal friends that help you out, like Dinoshi, who makes you invincible when he’s fully charged.

Each card has its usefulness, but try to pick ones that go hand in hand with each other! Experiment to see which ones work the best for you!

2. Focus on completing the missions!

The game doesn’t have “levels” per se, but instead your progress is tracked by the missions. Every time you start a run, you’ll see what your current mission is. Be sure to complete these, as they progress you and get you closer to earning rewards and bonus rewards. Yes, it’s good to go as far as you can and collect as much treasure as you can, but sometimes it’s okay if you want to cut your run short and just focus on completing the mission. Sometimes you get gems from the rewards, so it’s especially important to do them!

3. Smash all the buildings and obstacles you see!

If you run straight into a building or obstacle, you’ll destroy it and send it flying forward a little bit. Try to hit these as much as possible, because the game likes to position enemies behind the obstacles. When the obstacles flies into the enemy, they’re instantly defeated, making your run a little more smoother!

4. Level up your cards!

Got a favorite card? Level up its effect to make it even better! Each upgrade makes the card do its job a little bit better, but these upgrades can get pretty pricey. Try to only upgrade the ones you use the most, because remember, you also need to buy packs to get new cards!

5. Pay attention to the enemies and watch your jumps!

Some enemies cannot be destroyed by jumping on them; watch for the ones who have spiked helmets! The regular guys and the rocket guys can be defeated with a jump, however. With that said, be sure to gauge where your jump is going to take you. Often, the game likes to position a regular enemy, then have a spiked enemy right ahead, causing you to land on it because you jumped on the enemy before. Situations like this can be avoided if you save your double jump for an emergency. Careful positioning is key!

Monsu is all about timing and a good set of cards, so keep running, collect all that treasure, and level up your cards! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.



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