If the endless running experience of Monsu is proving to be troublesome, you have come to the right place. In this Monsu Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide we will be helping you understand the game’s as well as provide some useful tricks that will make your time with the game even more fun.

Monsu is an endless runner game released a few days ago on the App Store. The game features everything that gamers expect out of a game of the genre, with items to collect, features to unlock, challenges and missions to complete and more. The game is made more unique by the inclusion of cards, with add a nice card collecting element to the game, making it slightly more deeper in the process.

  • Restoring Hearts

Just like many other free to play games, Monsu has a waiting time to restore lost lives. One life gets restored every 15 minutes, with players being able to hold only a maximum of 5 lives at a time. To speed up the process, simply move your device’s clock ahead, check your game to get your lives and then move it back to the real time.

  • Using Cards

Cards provide a lot of different beneficial effects. There’s actually no right or best way to use them in the game, as a card can be quite effective or useless depening on your goals. If you’re thinking about completing a mission in the game, make sure to find a card that will help you in the task. If you’re just aiming to get as far as possible, you may want to use a card that saves you in case of death. Going as far as possible will also make you earn more gold that can be used to unlock new content.

  • Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of Monsu but there are ways to earn them without having to pay real money. Playing the game for certain amount of time will make you earn some free Diamonds, as well as completing bonus missions and achievements.

Make sure to save Diamonds as much as possible to get the Epic card packs, which include rare cards that will aid you even more during the game.

If you want even more Monsu cheats and tips, click here for some more strategy tips!



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