A dimension-hopping, monster catching adventure awaits you in Monster Quest: Seven Sins, a Pokemon-inspired turn-based RPG! Create your own character and journey to Aurora Planet. An enthralling storyline awaits you as you unravel the mystery behind the origins of the planet and the Yabis. We’ll help you along your journey with our Monster Quest: Seven Sins tips and tricks strategy guide!

Use the Right Yabi for the Job

Using the right elemental Yabis to hit your enemies’ weakness is very important. During the early battles of the story mode, you can safely ignore it and just use your strongest moves.

Later on, you’ll need to start taking advantage of elemental weaknesses to dish out efficient damage to your enemies. Don’t forget to take defenses into account as well, as you can get quickly one-shotted by powerful enemies.

For quick reference, abilities that have arrows next to them can tell you if they’re effective or resistant. Up arrows mean the move is super effective, while down arrows mean that the move is ineffective.

Utilize your Entire Skill Set

Yabis can have up to four skills, and they’re categorized into two types: attack and support. Attack skills, as you can imagine, damage your opponent, while support skills focus on buffing yourself or enfeebling the enemy.

Doing nothing but attacking can work in most situations, but you can probably fight more efficiently if you utilize your entire skill set. Buff yourself with skills, then hit your opponent with a powerful attack.

You should also keep in mind that attacks can either be physical or magical. If you’re unsure, tap and hold on an attack skill to see its information, and if you see M. ATK next to it that means it deals magical damage.

This is important because some skills will buff up either physical or magical attack. Also, some monsters may have naturally higher one kind of attack over the other type – it’s important to play up to their strengths.

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Complete the Seraph Trial

One of the first things you should do as a new player is to complete the Seraph Trial. You’re given a list of missions to complete, and each one completed fills up the completion meter. At certain thresholds you’ll be able to receive Eyre, a light elemental Yabi.

Keep completing the missions, and eventually you’ll receive the materials to evolve your Eyre into a Seraph, a very powerful light elemental Yabi. Continue to complete the missions, and you’ll get further rewards that let you enhance Seraph. Seraph is a powerful Yabi that will be a great ally for a good portion of the early game.

Clear Starter Evolve Trial

The Yabi you choose at the beginning of the game will also grow into a powerful ally, but you’ll need to invest some time before they can reach their full strength. The game provides you with a 3 Starter Yabi S. Evolve Trial, which gives you a handful of missions that allows you to collect the materials required for evolving your starter. This list can be accessed by tapping the S. Evolve Trial button on the right side of the screen.

There are three tiers to the trial: evolution trial, ascend trial, and s. evolve trial. Complete all the required missions in the tier, and then you’ll be able to attempt the evolution challenge. Win the challenge, and you’ll move up a tier.

While this starter trial is important, you don’t normally need to go out of your way to complete the missions – for the most part you’ll complete them naturally as you progress through the story.

Progress through the Main Story

Your first major goal in Monster Quest: Seven Sins is to try to plow through as much of the story campaign as possible. There are several functions of the game that don’t unlock until your player level is high enough, and the main story is a great way to earn more experience.

You can tap on the quest tracker on the left side of the screen to make your character automatically go towards the next questing point. Take advantage of this to almost automate quest completion.

Take Advantage of the Spa

The Spa unlocks after a few player levels are gained. You can relax in the warm and soothing water with a chosen Yabi. The selected Yabi will gain a lot of experience over time, and this is a quick and easy way to level up your favorite Yabis.

You get ten minutes of spa time for free every day. Once your ten minutes are up, you’ll have to pay star gems if you want to soak for longer. Be sure not to let your free ten minutes go to waste, so make sure to log in at least once every day to level up your Yabis.

Use Quick Gather

If you open up the galaxy map, you’ll see a quick gather button at the bottom right. This allows you to quickly send your Yabis to all of the unlocked gathering locations to collect ingredients for you.

Send your Yabis out and then wait the allotted time to collect your rewards. Easy as pie, no? Make sure to do this before you start any other activity in the game, because depending on the location you may have to wait awhile before you can claim your goodies.

Powering up Yabis

Having difficulty beating a specific battle, even with proper strategy? You might just be a little under powered. Here’s a quick rundown of all the different ways you can upgrade your Yabis.

  • Yabis can be given EXP fruit to quickly level them up and increase their attributes.
  • Gold and food dishes can be used to modify a Yabi’s genes, granting them attribute percentage bonuses, both positive and negative.
  • Talent Essences can be used to increase Yabi attributes in flat values. Improve their talents enough and their ultimate skill levels up.
  • Type and Power abilities are unlocked after a Yabi evolves. These are randomly chosen from a set, but they can be rerolled using ability stones.
  • Yabis have four equipment slots that can be filled with gear that improves their attributes. The equipment themselves can also be upgraded.

That concludes our brief guide on Monster Quest: Seven Sins. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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