Monster Hunter Rise

Thanks to the new Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise players finally have the chance to customize the moveset of every weapon type and unlock new combat options and combos that can possibly be even more effective than the vanilla ones. There is some work involved to unlock all three Switch Skills, but the effort will be well worth it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hunting Horn Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Switch Skills

Melodic Slap

Melodic Slap replaces Overhead Smash, and it is performed by pressing the X and A buttons together with a direction on the left stick. This Switch Skill lets you swing your horn around to unleash a Sonic Wave that deals very low damage, but that is great to stun monsters.

To unlock the Melodic Slap Switch Skill, you have to complete the Honing Your Hunting Horn high rank hub quest.

Melody Mode: Echo

Melody Mode: Echo replaces Melody Mode: Performance, and it is performed by pressing ZR after getting the notes for your melody ready. With this move, you will be able to apply buffs to both your character and your party members.

To unlock the Melody Mode: Echo Switch Skill, you need to complete the Feathered Frenzy quest and talk to Master Ustushi.

Bead of Resonance

Bead of Resonance replaces Earthshaker, and it is performed by pressing ZL and A. With this skill, you will place a Wirebug cocoon that will generate a Sonic Wave damaging all nearby enemies as well as a melody effect once the hunter that placed the cocoon activates any. This skill consumes two Wirebugs.

To unlock the Bead of Resonance Switch Skill, you need to craft and upgrade multiple Hunting Horns.

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